Tight Budgets Harm IT Security, RSA Survey Says

Over half the respondents surveyed by the RSA Conference said their top security concern was budgetary constraints.

U.K.: Incoming Spy Chief's Wife Posts Too Much Info on Facebook

Once again,Gordon Brown's embattled government has suffered another embarrassing security breach. This time, the wife of the incoming head of MI-6 posted personal information and pictures of her husband, children, and friends on the popular social networking site, Facebook.

China Delays Online Filtering Plan

China's controversial plan to force computer manufacturers to include Internet filtering software in the machines sold inside the country, slated for Wednesday, has been called off indefinitely, delighting critics.

British Government Recruits "Naughty Boy" Hackers

The British government is recruiting former hackers to wage offensive cyberwarfare against its adversaries, according to the Telegraph.

Gates Creates U.S. Cyber Command

In a memo yesterday, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates created a new military command to protect military networks from cyberattacks and cyberintrusions.

Facebook Security Hole Remains Unplugged for Two Weeks, Hackers Say

A team of bloggers has hacked into Facebook using unsophisticated means and say the company has not repaired the security hole despite telling the company of the vulnerability over two weeks ago.

Cybersecurity Official Warns of Botnets for Sale as Hactivists' DOS Attacks Hit Iranian Government

This comment by Philip Reitinger, director of the National Cybersecurity Center at the Department of Homeland Security, is interesting considering what's going on in Iran as the opposition uses digital warfare tactics to bring down government and pro-government Web sites after what many see as a fraudulent election on Friday.

Credit Card Security Found Lacking

An Associated Press investigation has found security practices weak with regard to how banks and other companies handle consumer credit card data.

Raytheon Pushes Math and Science, Both Critical to Cybersecurity It Says

Raytheon agrees with President Obama: math and science literacy is critical to the country's future and its cybersecurity. Here's how the company's helping.

The Melding of Technologies: IT and Security

In this Security Management online exclusive, SM teamed up with Strauchs LLC to survey 100 large corporations and gauge how well they've dealt with "convergence." You may be surprised how well the melding process is going considering all the buzz surrounding the topic.


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