Credit Card Security Found Lacking

An Associated Press investigation has found security practices weak with regard to how banks and other companies handle consumer credit card data.

Raytheon Pushes Math and Science, Both Critical to Cybersecurity It Says

Raytheon agrees with President Obama: math and science literacy is critical to the country's future and its cybersecurity. Here's how the company's helping.

The Melding of Technologies: IT and Security

In this Security Management online exclusive, SM teamed up with Strauchs LLC to survey 100 large corporations and gauge how well they've dealt with "convergence." You may be surprised how well the melding process is going considering all the buzz surrounding the topic.

Are We Really Inching Toward Cybarmageddon?

With the release of President Barack Obama's report on cybersecurity last Friday, it seems apt to ponder a question posed by's Threat Level blog: "Is the hacking threat to national security overblown?"

YouTube Account Holders Target of Phishing Scam

Cybercriminals may be targeting YouTube account holders through spoofed e-mails aimed at tricking them to respond with their personal information, according to a post carried by The Washington Post.

(Dot) Org Domain Names to Get Security Boost

Non-profit, public interest organizations that use the .org top-level domain, including ASIS International, are set to get a necessary shot of cybersecurity in the near future, reports Network World.

Obama on Right Track on Cybersecurity, Former Official Says

President Obama's speech and report on cybersecurity last week was met with praise from a former government information security official.

Pentagon Plans New Military Command to Prepare for Cyberwar

With President Barack Obama set to announce his plans to defend U.S. critical infrastructure from cyberattacks today, The New York Times leads with the Pentagon's decision to create a new military command for cyberspace.

UK: Data Breach Puts RAF Officers at Risk of Blackmail

Once again poor data security handling by the British government could put officers of the Royal Air Force (RAF) at risk of blackmail, according to's Threat Level blog.

Obama Set to Announce Creation of Cyberczar Position This Week

The new position will report to both the national security advisor and the senior White House economic advisor over fear that cyberregulations could harm economic growth.

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