McAfee Launches Cybercrime Unit

McAfee has launched a new online center to help consumers and small businesses diagnose, remediate, and report cybercrimes.

Dept. of Transportation: Air Traffic Control Systems Have Been Hacked

Hackers have breached air traffic control (ATC) systems multiple times, a report conducted by the Department of Transportation informed the Federal Aviation Administration.

Intelligence and National Security Industry Group Recommends Cyber Czar

Another industry group has recommended that the White House appoint a cabinet-level cybersecurity official to lead the effort to secure the nation’s critical infrastructure from cyberattacks

U.S. Government Must Use Procurement Power to Get Cybersecurity "Baked In," Expert Says

During a congressinal hearing today exploring a national strategy for cybersecurity, a noted cybersecurity expert appealed for the federal government to use its procurement strength to force vendors to deliver safer IT systems.

Pentagon to Establish Cyber Command

Command would share mission with NSA and DHS; report follows news of hacks on the nation's electrical grid and on networks related to the military's new Joint Strike Fighter.

Data Breaches Make 2008 a "Chaotic Period" for Businesses, Says Report

In just 90 confirmed data breaches in its case load last year, 285 million records were compromised, reports Verizon Business RISK Team in its 2009 Data Breach Investigations Report.

Associated Press: Cyberespionage Threatens Everyone

As the news spreads that Chinese and Russian cyberspies have dropped malicious software inside the networks that run the U.S. electric grid, the Associated Press has an article that reads like a threat assessment for cyberespionage.

Cyberattacks from China and Russia Target U.S. Electrical Grid

U.S. intelligence agencies confirm that the U.S. electrical grid has been penetrated by cyberattacks from both China and Russia, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Conficker and the Boy Who Cried Wolf Syndrome

Security researchers fear that the alleged decision of Conficker's designer, or designers, to not activate the worm on April Fool's Day will desensitize average computer users to very real threats of malware churning throughout cyberspace.

Senate Bill Aims to Extend Cybersecurity Regulation into the Private Sector

Legislation introduced into the Senate yesterday seeks to grant the federal government enormous power to regulate cybersecurity, even shut down private networks during a cyberattack, reports .

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