Cyberattacks from China and Russia Target U.S. Electrical Grid

U.S. intelligence agencies confirm that the U.S. electrical grid has been penetrated by cyberattacks from both China and Russia, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Conficker and the Boy Who Cried Wolf Syndrome

Security researchers fear that the alleged decision of Conficker's designer, or designers, to not activate the worm on April Fool's Day will desensitize average computer users to very real threats of malware churning throughout cyberspace.

Senate Bill Aims to Extend Cybersecurity Regulation into the Private Sector

Legislation introduced into the Senate yesterday seeks to grant the federal government enormous power to regulate cybersecurity, even shut down private networks during a cyberattack, reports .

DHS Releases Worm Detection Tool

The Department of Homeland Security has released a free detection tool for federal and state agencies and private-sector partners that will scan their networks for the Conficker/Downadup worm, a malicious piece of software that has infected millions of computers worldwide but has yet to be activated.

Apple Files Biometrics Patent for iPhone and Mac Computers

According to a patent filed last week, Apple wants to include biometric protections on devices ranging from the iPhone to Macbooks to preventunauthorized use or access to the personal data inside, reports the Web site

CIA Cybersecurity Expert Calls Into Question Security of Electronic Voting

A cybersecurity expert with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has added his voice to the chorus of criticism regarding the vulnerability of electronic voting systems to tampering, reports McClatchy.

New Zealand Telecoms Hire Teenage Hacker to Bolster IT Security

New Zealand's second largest telecommunications company has hired a hacking wunderkind, responsible for writing a multimillion dollar-generating botnet infiltration program, to help senior executives understand cybersecurity issues.

Cybercriminals Set Their Sights on Smaller Businesses

Experts at Visa's annual security summit last week warned that cybercriminals are moving onto new and easier to exploit targets for their malicious software: small-to-medium-sized businesses, according to Dark Reading.

Another High-Level Official Says U.S. Vulnerable to Massive Cyberattack

Another high-level official has added his assessment to a rapidly expanding chorus of voices saying that the United States private and public computer networks are vulnerable to cyberattack: Air Force Gen. Kevin Chilton, reports The Washington Post's Walter Pincus.

Information Security Must Be a National Priority, Experts Say

Companies, governments, and individuals need to do more to protect against information security threats, according to an international information policy think tank.

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