Heartland May Be the Biggest Data Breach Ever

The data breach at Princeton, New Jersey-based Heartland Payment Systems, which processes payment card transactions, could total over a 100 million card accounts compromised, possibly making it the largest ever.

The Five W's of U.S. Cybersecurity

In an essay for former intelligence officers, a government cybersecurity advisor argues the United States faces a cybersecurity crisis that needs immediate attention before it undermines the nation's economic and cybersecurity.

Coalition of Cybersecurity Organizations Reveals 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors

Underscoring the importance of cybersecurity for the private and public sectors, a coalition of the world's leading cybersecurity organizations has jointly released a list of the 25 most dangerous programming errors that can lead to vulnerabilities easily exploited by cybercriminals and cyberspies.

Foreign Hackers are Overwhelming U.S. Government Computers, says Analyst

Foreign hackers have accessed between half and all of the U.S. government and military computers they “have an interest in,” according to one analyst.

Brazil: Logging Firms Hire Hackers to Change Lumber Quotas

Brazilian logging companies have hired hackers to break into their country's government's Web-based permit system to allow them to harvest many more trees than allowed, according to Greenpeace's blog.

U.S. Needs Comprehensive Cybersecurity Strategy, Recommends Commission

The United States needs a comprehensive strategy against cyberattacks and should create a cabinet-level position within the White House to reflect its importance, recommends a 96-page report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

U.S. Judge Hits Facebook Spammer with Massive Damages

A spammer was ordered to pay Facebook $873 million in damages by a federal judge last Friday, but the popular social networking Web site’s security director says he doesn’t expect payment in full.

Intelligence Official Proposes U.S. Government Help Companies Protect Proprietary Data

The principal deputy director of national intelligence says the government should consider taking equity stakes in high technology companies to prevent proprietary information from falling into the wrong hands.

Malware Attacks Show the Connection Between Markets and Cybercrime

Malware attacks have shifted and spiked in frequency during the financial crisis.

Cybersecurity No Longer a "Stepchild," says DHS Chief

Teens and twenty-somethings, who long neglected network security, are now aspiring to "master protection of electronic systems," said Secretary Michael Chertoff.

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