IT Security Market Consolidation Good for Consumers, WSJ Says

McAfee's purchase of Secure Computing Monday is the latest example of the consolidation of the tech-security marketplace, a trend which should help consumers says The Wall Street Journal.


U.S. Lacks Comprehensive Cybersecurity Warning Capability, Report Says

The Government Accountability Office says that US-CERT lacks a comprehensive capability to create "warnings that are consistently actionable and timely."

Companies Spend 10 Percent of Operating Budget on IT Security

IT security, says Forrester Research, is no longer embedded in the IT department.

Disconnect Between Private Sector and Government on Cybersecurity

The government says securing the nation's cyberinfrastructure is the private sector's responsibility because much of it is privately owned. Corporate America, however, says the job is too big for it alone.

Is Releasing a Security Flaw an Act of Free Speech?

Last week, a federal judge barred three MIT students from disclosing security flaws in Boston's subway system. Some argue that the decision is a violation of their right to free speech.


China Denies It Stole British Official's BlackBerry

The Times (of London) reports that the BlackBerry was stolen by a female Chinese intelligence agent after the British official brought her back to his hotel after meeting her in a nightclub.

Watch Out For World War III Spam, Say Security Experts

Spam e-mails declaring U.S. has invaded Iran deliver malware, according to an internet security firm.

Americans Returning from Overseas Find Their Electronic Devices Searched and Seized

But does it violate the Fourth Amendment's protection against unreasonable search and seizure?

Retailers Face Deadline for Securing Web-facing Applications

Retailers that accept payment cards have until the end of the day to comply with a new requirement that secures a company's web-facing applications.

Outside Threats More Likely, Insider Threats More Costly, Says Study

Most organizations could prevent network security breaches by following simple mitigation methods.

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