Americans Returning from Overseas Find Their Electronic Devices Searched and Seized

But does it violate the Fourth Amendment's protection against unreasonable search and seizure?

Retailers Face Deadline for Securing Web-facing Applications

Retailers that accept payment cards have until the end of the day to comply with a new requirement that secures a company's web-facing applications.

Outside Threats More Likely, Insider Threats More Costly, Says Study

Most organizations could prevent network security breaches by following simple mitigation methods.

British Superhacker Fights Extradition to the U.S.

British hacker Gary McKinnon says U.S. prosecutors tried to intimidate him into taking a plea bargain or face up to 60 years in prison on terrorism-related charges for breaking into U.S. government computer networks.

Critical Infrastructure Vulnerable to Hack Attack

One company's SCADA software could allow hackers to shutdown or take over certain critical infrastructure operations.

Hackers Crash Web Sites of Russian Nuclear Power Plant

Hackers brought down the Web sites of a Russian nuclear power plant at the same time false rumors of a nuclear accident were spread on Internet forums, causing panic.

China Embraces Cyberwarfare, Experts Testify

China, says one expert, wants to achieve "electronic dominance" by the year 2050.

Power Plants Open to Hack Attack

The software power plants use to automate their operations is vulnerable to hacking, says a security testing firm.

Academic Culture, Understaffing Blamed for Higher Ed IT Insecurity

Eighty-six information security incidents have been reported on college and university networks in the first five-and-a-half months of 2008.

NATO Establishes Cyberdefense Center

The center will be established in Estonia, which suffered a crippling cyberattack last spring.

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