Chile: Hacker Posts Personal Info of 6 Million Online

Suspect apparently sought to highlight the country's weak personal data security.

Vista More Secure Than XP, Tests Report

However, the tests found Vista wasn't as secure as Microsoft has previously reported.

European Union to Extend the Life of Its Internet Security Agency

Some lawmakers, however, fear that the agency cannot protect the European Union from large-scale cyberattacks.

Women Four Times as Likely to Give Up Password

A new survey finds people's password security practices are getting better, although still far from perfect.

U.S. to Develop an Early Warning System for Hacks

Chertoff compares the effort to the Manhattan Project; security experts are skeptical.

U.K.: Government Has Lost 850 Laptops over 5 Years

One department, Work and Pensions, is responsible for nearly a third of the losses.

Government Laptop with Patient Info Stolen

A National Institutes of Health laptop computer holding the personal information of 2,500 patients was stolen from an employee's car trunk.

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur to Fill Top Cybersecurity Post

The unconventional pick has neither the insider status nor the cybersecurity knowledge one would expect for the position, reports The Wall Street Journal and

Be a Better CISO

A new survey by Forrester Research discusses the seven habits of an effective CISO.

U.K.: Tories Release New Cybercrime Plan

Britain's opposition party looks to get tough on cybercrime.

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