Bush Pushes to Redirect Funds into Cybersecurity

President Bush is asking Congress to redirect $152 million to shore up cybersecurity vulnerabilities at government agencies.

German Companies the Target of Foreign Espionage

China, aiming to become more technologically competitive, is aggressively spying on German companies.

Survey: Downloading Music Top Threat, Say IT Managers

Despite the risk of employees downloading music, most companies don't block that activity.

Congress Looks Into Electrical Grid Security

Lawmakers fear the nation's electric infrastructure is vulnerable to a devastating cyberattack.

Cybercrime Could Imperil Electoral Process

Researchers says internet scams are a threat to future elections.

DHS Computers Hacked

Dozens of computers compromised.

Security Breaches More Severe

Although the number of organizations hit by security breaches has decreased, the severity of the breaches has shown a marked increase.

The Price of Wireless Security

A new survey finds companies will spend 10-20 percent more on security next year to protect their wireless networks and technology.

Does Cyberwar Violate Human Rights?

Over at Reason, Michael Weiss has an intriguing argument in relation to the cyberattacks on Estonia this spring: Cyberwar violates human rights.

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