Social Media Restrictions on the Rise, Facebook Use at Work on the Decline

Facebook usage in the workplace is on the decline as companies implement social media policies, according to a new report released by firm that provides Web content filtering for companies.

House Passes Controversial Cyber Threat Info Sharing Bill

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill yesterday aimed at helping the government and private sector share information about cyber threats.

Organizations Should Emphasize Basic Security Measures, According to Verizon Report

Many organizations can better protect themselves from hackers by implementing more straightforward, basic security measures, according to a recently released annual report from Verizon.

Morning Security Brief: Stratfor E-mails Leaked, Mobile Emergency Alerts, Anti-Drug Grants Used to Surveil Muslims, and More

Wikileaks begins publishing "five million" Stratfor e-mails. The commercial mobile alert system is set to go live in April. NYPD used money to fight drug trafficking to purchase equipment used to surveil Muslims. And more.

Expert: U.S. Must “Modernize” Cyber Defense Strategy

Market-based incentives, rather than traditional regulations, may be more effective in countering cyber threats, according to one expert.

Can ISPs Help Beat Botnets?

To fight hackers, companies are informing customers of threats, creating public-private partnerships, and devising security standards.

The Pineapple Express: Hak5 Builds A Bigger, Better WiFi Honey Pot

For convenience, wireless devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones contain software that automatically connects to networks they remember. That feature is also an easy to exploit vulnerability.

Morning Security Brief: Ohio Gun Laws, Cyberstalking Survey Results, Honduras Dubbed the Murder Capital of the World, and More

Patrons, bar owners at odds over new Ohio gun laws. One in five Americans has been stalked online, according to a new survey. Honduras has the world's highest murder rate. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Anonymous Avenges Megaupload, Virginia to be Cybesecurity Hub, Researchers Target Hacker Group, and More

Anonymous takes down government sites after Megaupload is seized for copyright infringement. Governor declares Virginia as the nation's cybersecurity center. Russian hackers halt operations after their identities are revealed by security researchers. And more.

Ranking of Cloud Security Measures

Survey data from the Ponemon Institute shows what cloud security measures respondents thought were most important.

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