Morning Security Brief: Ohio Gun Laws, Cyberstalking Survey Results, Honduras Dubbed the Murder Capital of the World, and More

Patrons, bar owners at odds over new Ohio gun laws. One in five Americans has been stalked online, according to a new survey. Honduras has the world's highest murder rate. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Anonymous Avenges Megaupload, Virginia to be Cybesecurity Hub, Researchers Target Hacker Group, and More

Anonymous takes down government sites after Megaupload is seized for copyright infringement. Governor declares Virginia as the nation's cybersecurity center. Russian hackers halt operations after their identities are revealed by security researchers. And more.

Ranking of Cloud Security Measures

Survey data from the Ponemon Institute shows what cloud security measures respondents thought were most important.

Morning Security Brief: Swatting, TSA Admits Breaking SOP But Not Strip Searching, Virus Discovered After 10 Years, and More

The FBI says pranks calls reporting hostage situations and shootings are stretching police resources. The Feds say procedures weren't followed, but octogenarians weren't strip searched. A computer virus that only activates at night was sending data from a college computer lab for 10 years undetected. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Domestic Drones, License Plate Data, Information Breach Disclosure, and More

Civil rights groups worry about local police use of aerial drones. A private company collects license plate data to make available to law enforcement. Prosecutors call for more disclosure from companies about data breaches. And more.

Firms Flock to Managed Services

Before organizations contract with managed security services providers, they should clarify their needs and expectations.

Morning Security Brief: Attorney Sued Over Records Request, Venezuelan Diplomat Expelled, Symantec Hacked, and More

The City of Seattle sues a defense attorney for requesting dash cam video. A Venezuelan diplomat is being asked to leave the country for her involvement in plots against the United States. Symantec confirms it was hacked. And more.

Experts Share Compliance Tactics

Companies can help ease the pain of standards compliance by integrating efforts into daily routines and conducting ongoing inventory checks.

Google Expands Malware Scanning Tool

Google announced last week that it would be expanding the program, Safe Browsing Alerts for Network Administrators, to also include malicious domains to the information available to Web site administrators.

Morning Security Brief: New Cybersecurity Bill, Officers Suing For Discrimination, Largest Child Porn Bust, and More

A new cybersecurity bill aims to protect companies from lawsuits after information breaches. Officers sue their agencies after being dismissed for "having opinions." Authorities make the biggest child porn bust in history. And more.

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