San Diego Police Become Domestic Intelligence Players

The San Diego Police Department’s Criminal Intelligence Unit has set an example for other U.S. police departments by successfully becoming active participants in the national intelligence community, according to a report from a nonpartisan homeland security think tank at The George Washington University.

Book Review: The Secret History of MI6

A piece of intelligence touted as a “smoking gun” turns out to be a forgery. Exiles use schemes to distribute bogus intelligence to further their own ends. This and more in The Secret History of MI6: 1909-1949 reviewer Mario Possamai, CPP says.

Officials, Experts Worry WikiLeaks' Disclosures Will Undermine Government Information-Sharing

WikiLeaks will have a chilling effect on information-sharing, according to the head of the U.S. intelligence community.

Opposites Agree on Data Mining's Importance and the Need for Controls

Data mining, critical in the fight against terror, needs both an image makeover and a government-wide policy to ensure transparency and protection of civil liberties, according to a panel of experts from across the ideological spectrum.

Panetta: Jordanians Warned CIA about Khost Suicide Bomber

Security reforms including red-teaming and more robust training of operatives are planned.

Bombshell's Fake Facebook Page Shows Ease of Cyberespionage

Phony social networking pages, riddled with red flags, attracted dinner offers, invitations to apply for jobs, and sensitive national security data.

National Intelligence Director's Weakness Will Persist for Years, Expert Says

The political conflicts that contributed to Dennis Blair’s pending resignation will hamstring his successors for years to come, a defense scholar said today during an expert panel on the threat of homegrown terrorism.

Director of National Intelligence Resigns

Admiral Dennis C. Blair, the director of national intelligence, will leave his post as the head of the intelligence community at the start of Memorial Day weekend.

Empower the Director of National Intelligence, 9-11 Co-Chairs Tell White House

The former co-chairs of the 9-11 Commission today called on President Barack Obama to empower the Director of National Intelligence to force information-sharing within the intelligence community.

Iowa Fusion Center Posts Informational Videos on Its Mission and Activities

Iowa's fusion center posts videos helping the public understand what fusion centers do.

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