Sic Semper Technology

Authoritarian regimes are using network surveillance technology to further human rights abuses. Governments around the world are responding by restricting the export of such technology.

Morning Security Brief: Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Operation Bitter Pill, bin Laden Movie, and More

Tips to stay secure online. Feds and Interpol knock over 700 knock-off medicine Web sites. National Geographic’s bin Laden movie gets an airdate. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Security Convoy in Iraq Hit by Bomb, Mexico Makes Arrests in Border Shooting, Phone Scam, and More

Private security targeted in Iraq. Mexico arrests two in Border Patrol agent shooting death. The FTC cracks down on “tech support” phone scam. And more.

UN Official Suggests Formation of a Bioagent Watchdog

A UN official says there should be a global organization keeping an eye on facilities with the ability to manufacture biological weapons.

Morning Security Brief: Mirage Malware, Cloud Security Alliance, Syria Conflict, and More

Phishing campaigns target natural resource companies. Cloud Security Alliance to issue new reports. Syria accuses Gulf countries of supporting regional instability. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Benghazi Hearing, Disease Surveillance, iTravel, and More

U.S. holds a hearing on the Benghazi consulate attack. Biosecurity expert calls for a nationwide disease surveillance program. Apple working on a way to integrate phones with airport security. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Turkish Security Seize Radioactive Material, Subscription Police Service, Anthrax Vaccine, and More

Turkish Police confiscate $1.3 million of smuggled radioactive material. A police subscription service in Indianapolis. Anthrax vaccine may be offered to first responders. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Camp Bastion Attack, Cyber Security Hall of Fame, Schools Investigated for Cheating, and More

The Taliban launches the most destructive attack in the history of the 11-year war in Afghanistan. Cyber Security Hall of Fame list announced. Forensics company to investigate Baltimore schools. And more.

Morning Security Brief: China to Become Largest Homeland Security Market, Kenya Foils Terror Attack, and More

A new report says China will be the world’s biggest homeland security market by 2014. QR codes to deter counterfeits. A tip leads Kenyan authorities to a terrorist hideout. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Attack on U.S. Embassy, Bolivian Coca in National Parks, Facebook Investigations, and More

Libyan officials say the attack on the U.S. embassy Wednesday was a well-planned ambush. Bolivia cleaning coca out of national parks. Facebook post leads to murder charges for gang members. And more.

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