Morning Security Brief: Securing Haj from Disease, Employee Credit Checks, Counterfeit Military Parts, and More

No cases of infectious disease reported during Haj. Researchers looks for links between credit scores and employee performance. Lawmakers raise concerns about counterfeit electronics in military equipment. And more.

Bipartisan Group Produces Crash Course on Nuclear Threats,Countermeasures

The number of nuclear weapons worldwide has declined significantly, but the United States must continue to work to counter worldwide nuclear threats, says the American Security Project.

Morning Security Brief: FBI Thwarts Biological Attack, Court Security, Police Response Times, and More

The FBI arrest four men for plotting domestic attacks. The GAO examines courthouse security. Costa Rica looks to reduce police response times. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Lawmaker Calls Cartels Terrorists, Online Consumer Data, Prepaid Debit Cards, and More

Some lawmakers label the Mexican cartels terrorists. Sites sell information online to advertisers. New rule proposed for traveling with prepaid debit cards. And more.

Morning Security Brief: A City Decriminalizes Domestic Violence, Mexican Cartels Spread, Kill-Or-Capture Missions

Domestic violence is off the books in Topeka. Cartels spread into Belize. Researchers call NATO's kill-and-capture ratio exaggerated. And more.

Assessing Progress in the War on Drugs

The global war on drugs is a failure, according to a recent report from the Global Commission on Drug Policy.

Small Arms Survey Outlines Difficulties In Estimating Gun Ownership

Current estimates say civilians own 650 million guns worldwide--more than three times the number owned by armed forces worldwide and more than 25 times the amount held by law enforcement.

Morning Security Brief: FBI's Anti-Muslim Training, Human Trafficking Of Terrorists, Jail Violence, And More

The FBI is teaching agents that Islam is synonymous with terrorism. Three men pleaded guilty for plans to smuggle a fictitious terrorist into the United States. West Virginia jails see an 87 percent increase in violence. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Mothers Released From Prison, DHS Grants, 12 and Under Pat-Downs, and More

4,000 mothers to be released from California prisons. Jewish organizations sweep Homeland Security grants. TSA changes its pat-down policies for children. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Security Spending, U.S. Troops in Libya, Maharashtra Strike, and More

Economists say money was spent unchecked in the War on Terror. No boots on the ground in Libya changed on Monday to eight boots on the ground. Doctors' security demands are met in India. And more.

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