British Police, Prison Officials Fear the WASP Knife

The U.S.-manufactured knife is designed to kill bears and sharks and can freeze a target's organs when it's plunged into the body.

Suicide Bombers Kill Over 20 in Baghdad

The attacks targeted Shiites' celebrating the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The Unintended Benefit of Piracy

Robert Kaplan explains the one upside to the scourge of modern-day piracy.

U.S. Fears Ukrainian Ship's Weapons Will Fall Into Somali Jihadist Hands

Somali pirates took a Ukrainian ship hostage last Thursday they say without any knowledge it was packed with Russian arms.

Two Terrorism Suspects Arrested on Plane in Germany

The two suspects were bound for Amsterdam; the Netherlands is considered a "preferred target" of jihadist terrorists, according to the chief Dutch counterterrorism official.

Islamabad International Airport Threatened by Suicide Attack

An anonymous caller threatened suicide attacks against the country's airports at 12:40 p.m., leading to the evacuation of Islamabad International Airport's passenger lounges and parking areas.

Al Qaeda Suspected in Marriott Hotel Blast in Islamabad

The Saturday night suicide truck bomb killed more than 50 people and wounded hundreds more amid tight security.

Gates Expects NATO to Share Cost of Building Afghan Army

Against a backdrop of spreading insurgent violence in Afghanistan and an increasing criticism of airstrikes, Defense Secretary Robert Gates insists NATO must share the cost of helping the country to self-sufficiency.

Islamic Jihad Claims Responsibility for U.S. Embassy Attack in Yemen

U.S. officials say the attack bore all the hallmarks of an al Qaeda operation.

British Prosecutors Will Seek Retrial of 7 Men in Liquid- Bomb Plot

The original verdict has been considered a defeat for British counterterrorism officials.

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