U.K.: Third Data Breach in One Week

Prime Minister Gordon Brown tells his cabinet to make sure top civil servants follow proper data protection policies.

Poor Pandemic Advice for European Companies

A British expert says EU governments need to improve the quality of the information given to corporations preparing for a flu pandemic.

British Superhacker Fights Extradition to the U.S.

British hacker Gary McKinnon says U.S. prosecutors tried to intimidate him into taking a plea bargain or face up to 60 years in prison on terrorism-related charges for breaking into U.S. government computer networks.

U.K.: Another Set of Sensitive Intel Documents Left on Train

In another intelligence breach, more classified documents were found on a British commuter train.

U.K: Bill to Hold Suspected Terrorists for 42 Days Passes

The British House of Commons passed the measure by nine votes.

Better News from Iraq

Why the U.S. is making more progress in Iraq than is generally reported

New Government, Old Problems

Speakers at a senior-level Washington conference say the next U.S. administration will benefit from plenty of international goodwill, but that won't be enough to deal with key international issues.

U.S. Prosecutors Catch Suspects in Transit

Prosecutors hit high-flying targets

Slave Trade Still With Us

U.S. government report says trafficking in people is a widespread, profitable and low-risk crime.

Hackers Crash Web Sites of Russian Nuclear Power Plant

Hackers brought down the Web sites of a Russian nuclear power plant at the same time false rumors of a nuclear accident were spread on Internet forums, causing panic.

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