Latin America’s Bad, Good Times

Sowing the seeds for Latin America's next crisis

Fritz, the German Jihadist

Concentrating solely on race or ethnicity in counterterrorism efforts is a flawed approach that creates an opportunity for the terrorists.

German Officials Thwart Terrorism Attack

Three radical Islamists are being detained for their alleged involvement in a plot to attack the U.S. Ramstein airbase and the Frankfurt's international airport.

Nigeria Cannot MEND It's Kidnapping Problem

In Nigeria, kidnappings of foreign workers keep increasing. Learn what companies should do to protect their workers from being nabbed in this online exclusive, "Perils Amid the Profits in the Niger Delta."

Cartoon Cops Patrol Chinese Web Users

Chinese Government creates cartoon cops to police Web.

Everything is Not Terrorism

If terrorist motivation cannot be found, arson should be prosecuted under the normal criminal code.

CIA: Poor Pre-9-11 Performance, Report Says

The recently declassified executive summary from the Central Intelligence Agency's own inspector general report confirms the intelligence failures documented by the 9-11 Commission: the CIA made critical mistakes leading up to the terrorist attacks of 9-11.

Military Web Sites Security Leaks Worse Than Soldier Bloggers

An Army audit found official military websites more prone to security leaks than soldiers' blogs.

Australia: Community Policing to Fight Terrorism Down Under

Australia will begin to soften its approach to fighting terrorism by relying more on community policing, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

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