Senate Holds Hearing on Drones

Witnesses at a Senate subcommittee hearing on the use of drones as a counterterrorism tool told lawmakers that, while useful, the drone program should have stringent oversight.

Morning Security Brief: Background Checks on Gun Purchases, Nuclear Emergencies, and Law Enforcement Corruption

U.S. Senators agree to background checks at gun shows, a report urges the government to better research emergency response to a nuclear disaster, and two agents charged with investigating corruption are found falsifying records.

Morning Security Brief: European Privacy Policies, Border Security, and School Safety

European data protection authorities launch investigations of Google, the government fights illegal border crossings at Indian reservations, and the Indiana legislature considers placing an armed officer at every public school.

Morning Security Brief: Court Rules on Drug Dogs, Visa Fraud Bill Introduced, and CIA Told to Release Drone Records

The Supreme Court limits the role of police dogs in searches, a new Senate bill targets visa fraud, and a federal court has ruled that the CIA must release documents on its drone program.

Morning Security Brief: Campus Crime, Recidivism Rates, and Courthouse Safety

A new law offers grants to fight campus crime, a Pennsylvania study finds that halfway houses do not help former inmates, and a new bill would provide security equipment to courthouses.

Morning Security Brief: Fort Hood Shooter Goes to Trial, States Consider Gun Bills, and Craigslist Killer Sentenced

A judge rules that the accused Fort Hood shooter cannot plead guilty; gun bills move forward in Colorado and Utah; and the Craigslist Killer faces the death penalty.

Surveillance Laws Need to Be Updated, Says FBI General Counsel

The rapid advancement of technology has had a positive impact on law enforcement, but it also poses enormous legal challenges because the U.S. has “old laws,” according to Andrew Weissman, general counsel to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). He spoke at the American Bar Association Standing Committee on Law & National Security luncheon in Washington, D.C. today.

Senate Committee Holds Hearing on Assault Weapons Ban

Witnesses before the Senate Judiciary Committee testified in support of S. 150, which would ban assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition.

Morning Security Brief: Supreme Court Hears DNA Collection Case, Workplace Shootings, Internet Piracy

The U.S. Supreme Court heard a case yesterday on whether DNA can be collected by law enforcement without a warrant for comparison in unsolved crimes. A shooting spree has occurred at a plant in Switzerland. Prosecution will not proceed against the owner of an Internet streaming site accused of piracy.

Supreme Court Has Agreed to Clarify Retaliation Rules

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that will clarify what burden of proof a plaintiff must meet to prevail in a retaliation claim. Attorneys in the case have asked the Court to determine whether employees must prove that the retaliation was the sole factor in an adverse employment action or one of several factors.

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