Senate Hearing Weighs Closing Video Surveillance Loophole

Lawmakers examined whether a decades-old wiretapping statute needs revision in light of a suburban Philadelphia high school that allegedly used a webcam to spy on a student.

U.S. Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Background Screening Case

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear a background screening case in which 28 contract employees claim that the government’s screening policy is too intrusive.

Legislation Would Provide Security Fix

New legislation would help the security industry bypass an energy efficiency standard it says shouldn't apply to security companies.

Online Privacy and Security Certificate Company Settles with FTC

A company that verifies whether retail and other Web sites adequately secure customers' personal information has agreed to settle charges with the Federal Trade Commission that it misled its customers.

Intellectual Property Rights Advocates Running Amok?

Open Source Software (OSS) is software developed collaboratively by people willing to share the code free of charge. The owners of the code do not object to its use, but some groups want use of OSS treated as piracy because they say it creates a mind-set that might lead to intellectual property theft.

Webcamgate: Student Accuses Suburban Philly High School of Using Webcam to Spy on Him

A 15-year-old student and his parents have sued a suburban Philadelphia school district after discovering administrators covertly snapped pictures of him while at home on his school-owned laptop computer.

Jury Awards $1.5 Million in Retaliation Case

A jury has found that a woman was wrongfully terminated after she gave negative information about a coworker during an internal investigation.

9-11 Terrorism Trial Could Move to New Venue Because of Security and Cost Concerns

Political opposition, the threat of terrorism, and security costs have begun to eat away at the Justice Department's decision to try the mastermind behind the 9-11 attacks and four co-conspirators in federal court in Manhattan, according to numerous media reports today.

Christmas Day Bomber Indicted

The Department of Justice charged the 23-year-old Nigerian yesterday with trying to blow up an airliner on Christmas Day.

Appeals Court Finds Taser-Wielding Police Officer Used Excessive Force During Traffic Stop

An appellate court last week ruled a local California police officer violated the constitutional rights of an unarmed, passive man when he tased him after a routine traffic stop.

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