LAFD Whistleblowers Claim Retaliation

Two top commanders within the Los Angeles Fire Department's arson and counterterrorism unit are suing the city for retaliation after they went to their superiors with information that investigations were not being properly carried out, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Decision Could Determine How Much Awarded in Whistleblower Suits

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case that could decide how much money whistleblowers can recover when they uncover government or corporate abuse or waste, reports

Whistleblower Protections Denied Fired Air Marshal

The decision on Tuesday by the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) to deny whistleblower protections to a former federal air marshal is the final blow against such protections, argues a whistleblower defense organization.

ACLU Says Terrorism Finance Laws Violate Muslim Rights

A new report from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) criticizes federal terrorism financing laws for undermining the ability of Muslims to practice their constitutional rights of worship and association.

U.K.: Secret Evidence Violates Human Rights, Law Lords Say

Britain's law lords ruled unanimously yesterday that the use of secret evidence to impose control orders on terrorism suspects, which drastically restricts civil liberties, violated their human rights.

State Secrets Privilege Should Be Modified, Says President Obama

In his 100th-day press conference, President Barack Obama said that the State Secrets Privilege should be modified. He also indicated that he would push this year for procurement reform legislation and immigration reform, coupled with improved border security.

Government Ramps Up Prosecution of Corporate Corruption

Government prosecution of companies under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act(FCPA) remained steady in 2008 after an all-time high in 2007. The FCPA makes it a crime for U.S. companies to engage in bribery of any government's officials. At a conference yesterday, a panel of government officials, legal experts, and corporate compliance officers warned that company executives must be aware of the act to avoid hefty fines and even prison sentences.

Four Animal Rights Activists Arrested for Protests, Assault in California

Federal authorities last week arrested and charged four animal rights activists under a never before used federal law which protects industries and individuals that use animals in their work.

U.K. Court at Odds with Human Rights Body Over Extremist

Fiery Islamist preacher Abu Qatada has experienced the highs and lows of competing European legal systems over the last day when the United Kingdom's Law Lords ruled he could be deported to Jordan while the European Court of Human Rights ruled he should receive £2500 for his illegal detention without trial after the events of 9-11.

National Security Whistleblower Protections Still Stymied

Employees who work in national intelligence agencies lack the whistleblower protections of other government workers. Provisions granting those protections, which had been attached to the stimulus bill, were dropped before the bill was signed into law by President Obama, reports The Washington Post.

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