Face-blurring Technology in CCTV Systems Could Protect Privacy, Researcher Says

The omnipresence of sophisticated CCTV systems and its impact on privacy has led one researcher to propose an opt-in facial blurring technology for people uncomfortable under the gaze of surveillance systems.

Is Releasing a Security Flaw an Act of Free Speech?

Last week, a federal judge barred three MIT students from disclosing security flaws in Boston's subway system. Some argue that the decision is a violation of their right to free speech.


U.K.: Counterterrorism Bill Criticized by Human Rights Group

Human Rights Watch rebukes the United Kingdom's new counterterrorism legislation which, among many things, seeks to extend precharge detention to 42 days.

Should the Freedom of Information Act Apply to Private Prisons?

Lawmakers hear testimony for and against having private prisons covered under the Freedom of Information Act.

Ex-Intelligence Officers Condemn Torture

The group of fifteen ex-interrogators and ex-intelligence officers call torture “unlawful, ineffective and counterproductive.”

Customer Service During a Crisis: Apologize and Move On

Why calling the lawyers is not the best way to deal with angry customers, regulators, and the media, says a crisis communications consultant at this year's World Conference on Disaster Management in Toronto.

U.K: Bill to Hold Suspected Terrorists for 42 Days Passes

The British House of Commons passed the measure by nine votes.

Prankster Gets 6 Months in Jail for Terror Hoax

Jake J. Brahm was sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to posting online fraudulent messages that terrorists would detonate dirty bombs at seven NFL stadiums last October.

Sounding the Alarm on Dust Explosions

Companies that produce ignitable chemical dust must do more to prevent deadly explosions like the one at an Imperial Sugar Company plant in Georgia in February, says a member of the government's chemical safety board.

Whistleblowers Criticize FBI

Two whistleblowers and a U.S. senator describe a culture of corruption, retaliation, and discrimination within the FBI.

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