Israeli Airline Security Challenged

A civil liberties group has taken the Israeli government to court, challenging the common practice of ethnic profiling in airline security.

Panel Says PSCs Are Here to Stay; Need Regulation

A diverse panel, including industry advocates and an executive, agreed private security contractors need U.S. regulation to weed out irresponsible firms and hold contractors responsible for abuses.

U.N.: Private Security Contractors Need Oversight

A U.N. working group says private security contractors become mercenaries once they engage in low-intensity conflict or post-conflict situations.

TSA Strengthens Whistleblower Protections

Yesterday's agreement between TSA and the Merit Systems Protection Board provides an additional appeals process for transportation security workers with whistleblower retaliation complaints.

Padilla Sentenced to 17 Years and 4 Months in Prison

The government had hoped for a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Spitzer Admits Defeat on Licenses for Illegal Aliens

Widespread popular and political opposition to the plan to issue driver's licenses to illegal aliens in New York has led the governor to kill the plan.

Mukasey Wins Approval

The new attorney general will replace Alberto R. Gonzales who left the post in August.

Government Will Appeal Ruling on National Security Letters

The September ruling struck down a key provision of the U.S. PATRIOT Act.

London's Police Guilty of Shooting Death of Innocent Man

Police shot Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes in a tube station a day after suicide bombers failed in attacks against London.

An Alarming Trend

The EEOC has recorded an uptick in racial harassment over the past two decades.

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