From the Archive: VIP Press Coverage and Executive Protection

Protective services agents play a greater role in how their VIP is perceived by the press than they know. Here are some tips from the January 2011 edition of Security Management for how protective service agents can ensure that the press gets access without endangering the VIP, so everyone can do their job.

Opposition Party Candidates Often Left Unprotected During Campaigns

Governments will typically put up the money to protect incumbents during campaigns, but they are often slow to protect candidates of opposition parties. Taiwan's opposition party is questioning why, after two shootings, its candidates won't be given armored vehicles.

Avoiding Another Giffords-Style Attack

Noted executive protection professional Robert L. Oatman, CPP, offers tips on how to give staff an executive protection mindset and skill set in the aftermath of the Tucson tragedy.

SM Archives: Politicians in the Line of Fire

In a cover story from almost 20 years ago, security professional Joseph A. Kochis, CPP, detailed how to protect a political candidate while out on the campaign trail.

A Company's Top Three Concerns During a Kidnapping

During an employee kidnapping, the company's responsibility to its captive employee isn't the only thing it needs to worry about.

Viewpoint: Safe Rooms are a Safe Investment

A corporate safe room is the best investment a company can make to protect its most valuable assets: its executives. (Online Exclusive)

The Next Big Thing in VIP Protection: Bulletproof Fashion Wear

In Bogota, Colombia, Miguel Caballero has found a fashion niche that may make him the choice tailor to VIPs around the world.

Clear Indicators of Radicalization Are Elusive, Fort Hood Investigators Testify

The lack of clear indicators of radicalization could frustrate the military’s ability to identify service members who pose a threat to their comrades-in-arms, according to the co-chairs of the investigation into the Fort Hood massacre .

Secret Service Security Defeated Almost 100 Times Since 1980

The Secret Service has had its security defeated 91 times since 1980, according to interviews and a secret 2003 report obtained by The Washington Post.

"Crashergate" Fiasco Expected to Raise Security at the White House

The antics of a fame-seeking couple who crashed President Obama's first state dinner will likely lead to stricter security protocols for guests attending functions at the White House, experts and elected officials said.

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