Amid U.K. Controversy, Analyst Shares Phone Security Tips

The best way to secure a phone’s voice mail box is to use strong PINs and hope your phone company's employees are smart and trustworthy, according to a security analyst.

Two in Three Teens Have Tried Hacking, Study Finds

A recent survey from IT security firm Panda Security found that a little over two out of three teenagers have attempted to hack into their friends' online accounts, reports SC Magazine.

Fusion Center Dialogue Continues

Fusion center proponents and critics agree on the need for strengthened privacy protections in the post-9-11 information sharing environment.

Google Latitude Provokes Privacy Fears

One of the world's foremost privacy organizations has slammed Google's new Latitude feature that allows people to track each other from their phones or computers as they go about their daily business.

Government Search and Seizure Powers Have Gradually Expanded Since 9-11

The Washington Post reports that border agents, according to internal policies, used to need probable cause to search, seize, detain, and copy materials carried by travelers.

President Bush Overhauls Intelligence Community

The executive order, signed yesterday, restructures the intelligence community and gives more power to the Director of National Intelligence.

D.C. Metro Posts Employees' Social Security Numbers Online

The mistake has exposed nearly 4,700 employees to the threat of identity theft.

Americans Returning from Overseas Find Their Electronic Devices Searched and Seized

But does it violate the Fourth Amendment's protection against unreasonable search and seizure?

Privacy Expert to Government: Encrypt Biometric Information

The U.S. needs to encrypt the personally identifiable biometric information it stores before a data breach exposes multitudes to identity theft, according to a leading privacy expert.

Experts to Congress: Regulate Spyware

Computer and information security experts and advocates told a Senate hearing they approve of legislation to curb the unauthorized download of software onto users' computers.

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