Stanford University Laptop Stolen; 72,000 at Risk of Identity Theft

The laptop held the personal information, including names, addresses, and Social Security numbers, of as many as 72,000 employees.

Hollywood Data Theft Techniques Made Real

Research teams have devised two novel ways to steal data, however, there is an easy, low-tech way to stop one technique.

REAL ID, WHTI Opponents' Concerns Persist

Testifying before Congress, public and private sector critics joined civil libertarians to attack REAL ID and the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative on multiple fronts.

Australia Considers Legislation to Allow Companies to Surveil Employees' E-mails Without Consent

Australia's Attorney General wants to give companies involved in the country's critical infrastructure the right to monitor their employee's Internet communications without consent to prevent a cyberattack.

Police Surveillance Widens in D.C.

The District of Columbia is set to give police access to a fully integrated network of 5,000 CCTV cameras.

Bank Account Details Most Popular Item for Sale by Cybercriminals

In the online black market, bank account details can sell for as little as $10.

End in Sight for Pentagon Intelligence Unit?

A controversial Pentagon intelligence office may be closed down, depending on the results of an impending review by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates.

Paper: Barred Domestic Spying Activity Resurrected at Different Agency

The National Security Agency has duplicated the domestic data mining work of a Pentagon program defunded by Congress three years ago amid concerns over legality and privacy.

U.K.: Foreigners and Certain Workers Will Get ID Cards Starting Next Year

The Home Office has backed away from compulsory ID cards for all Britons, yet critics argue the plan is a "stealthy" attempt to accomplish the same result.

ICE Plans Major Immigration Database

Immigration and Customs Enforcement plans a major database that will draw from more than nine federal sources to close information-sharing gaps.

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