White House's Trusted Identities Strategy Doesn't Inspire Trust

The White House's draft plan to create trusted identities in cyberspace has met with skepticism if not outright hostility in some electronic privacy quarters.

Stalked ESPN Reporter Sues Six Hotel Operators

Erin Andrews, who was photographed through hotel room doors after employees provided a peeping Tom with both her room numbers and accommodations in adjoining rooms, has sued six hotel operators and the convicted defendant.

ACLU: Level of Government Surveillance Violates Founders' Intent

The American Civil Liberties Union has launched a new project on its Web site called Spy Files to track incidents of illegal domestic spying by federal, state, and local government.

Supreme Court Rules Against Officers in Privacy Case

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a police department did not violate the constitutional rights of police officers when it read through their text messages. The review of the text messages did not violate the Fourth Amendment, according to the ruling, because it was undertaken for work-related purposes and was not excessive in scope.

Google Agrees to Hand Over Data to EU Regulators

Google has agreed to hand over data to European regulators, which the company says it accidentally collected from private WiFi internet connections, according to the Financial Times.

Advocacy Group Claims Ruling Illegally Expands Privacy Protections to Companies

A nonprofit advocacy group claims that a appellate court decision guts the Freedom of Information Act by applying its privacy protections to companies.

Iowa Fusion Center Posts Informational Videos on Its Mission and Activities

Iowa's fusion center posts videos helping the public understand what fusion centers do.

Attorney Requests Access to Computers of Possible "Voyeur" School Administrator

An attorney for a student who was surreptitiously photographed via a school-issued laptop has requested additional discovery after learning that the school took thousands of photos of other students.

Survey Finds Facebook Users Think Privacy Policy Revision "a Bad Thing"

Facebook users almost unanimously dislike the social networking site's new privacy policy, according to a small survey released this week by Sophos.

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