The Economics of Privacy vs. Security

A new RAND report asked British citizens how much it would cost for them to trade privacy for security during three mundane activities: applying for a passport, traveling on a train, and attending a major event.

(From the April 2010 Issue)

House Lawmakers Tell Obama to Fill Civil Liberties Board

Democratic House members wrote President Barack Obama this week urging him to fill an independent oversight board created to protect privacy and civil liberties from executive branch overreaching in the war on terrorism.

Google Threatens to Shut Down Business in China After Cyberattack

Google yesterday announced that it would no longer censor its search engine results in China after the company discovered it was the target of sophisticated cyberattacks emanating from the country.

Supreme Court Will Hear Arguments in Communications Privacy Case

The U.S. Supreme Court has heard oral arguments in a case brought by police officers who claim that their employers illegally read their private text messages.

Civil Liberty Concerns Could Become a Factor in Grants to State Fusion Centers

In response to past incidents of improper intelligence collection efforts directed against legal U.S. groups, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has reemphasized its commitment to civil liberties and privacy protections, including creating a possible connection between those policies and grant awards.


Lawsuit Seeks Information on How Government Uses Social-Networking Sites

A prominent hi-tech civil liberties organization has filed suit in federal court yesterday to impel a half-dozen government agencies to disclose the policies and procedures that govern how they access, collect, and store information from social networking Web sites.

Security and Privacy Not Mutually Exclusive, DHS Chief Tells Lawyers

Sharing information domestically and internationally to fight terrorists and transnational criminals doesn't have to shred privacy and civil liberties protections, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano told lawyers during a speech today.

The Information DHS Stores on International Travelers

A recent Freedom of Information Act request reveals how much personally identifiable information the government collects and stores on international travelers.

DHS: No Probable Cause Standard for Border Laptop Searches

New directives follow FOIA suit by the ACLU; Muslim, Arab and South Asians complain their devices are disproportionately subject to search at the border.

Report Warns of Losing "Locational Privacy"

A new report from a privacy watchdog warns that Americans are losing their privacy as they travel through public space due to location-based technological services such as EZ Pass and cellphones.

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