Indonesian Jihadists Embrace Small Cells and Targeted Attacks

The Indonesian government must quickly develop prevention strategies to combat a new trend toward low-cost, small-scale terrorist attacks committed by tiny decentralized cells of jihadis, according to an international nongovernmental organization.

The Ethics of Terrorism: Innovative Approaches from an International Perspective

Renowned academics and professional police managers from around the world offer solid analysis and no easy answers regarding terrorism across 17 lectures.

Air Force Offering Prizes for Ideas

The United States Air Force has launched an initiative that offers monetary awards to members of the public who can solve certain problems for the Air Force.

Study: Training, Group Dynamics Critical in Airport Security Decision-Making

Only a third of European airport staff report being trained to spot security threats, and only a quarter said they frequently alert authorities when they see suspicious activity, according to the first findings of a research project aimed at developing more effective security training programs.

Morning Security Brief: Terrorism and Islam, War on Drugs, and Pakistan Instability

A New York State terrorism hearing gets heated. A look at progress and problems in the war on drugs. And Pakistan's President discusses the effects of the Afghan war.

Morning Security Brief: Yemen and al Qaeda, Maritime Piracy, and Border Security

Unrest in Yemen is diverting resources from counterterrorism efforts. Stronger Mace and a vomit-inducing substance are among new tools in fight against piracy. And Sandia Labs develops analytics tool to assess border security technology.

Smartphones Could Double as Bombs, Warns U.S. Court Committee

Wireless devices like smartphones could pose a bomb threat to federal courts, according to guidance issued last week by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts.

The Patriot Act: Issues and Controversies

The Patriot Act: Issues and Controversies does a thorough job of examining the controversial legislation and its ramifications almost ten years after its passage.

Napolitano Outlines Domestic Security Architecture for Preventing Terrorist Attacks

In a speech before the nation's top cops, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano outlined the four components that make up the country's domestic security architecture.

Targeted Violence: A Statistical and Tactical Analysis of Assassinations, Contract Killings, and Kidnappings

Glenn P. Govern's Targeted Violence somehow breaks down 900 violent incidents into a readable and easy-to-understand analysis.

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