Morning Security Brief: U.K. Terrorist Raid, Suspicious-Activity Database in U.S., and Cell Phone Data Ruling

U.K. arrests suspected terrorists in largest raid for months. The Washington Post continues its investigation into what it calls Top Secret America. And a court says cell-phone data retrieval requires a warrant.

Morning Security Brief: Indian Bioterror Fears, Holiday Terror Advisory, Radicalization, Counterradicalization, & Ecoterrorism

State Department cable tells of Indian bioterrorism fears. FBI and DHS send out terrorism advisory alert for holidays. Incoming chairman on House Homeland Security Committee will explore Muslim radicalization. Scholar argues Britain's Prevent program is counterproductive. Federal appeals court upholds longest ecoterrorism sentence in U.S. history.

Opposites Agree on Data Mining's Importance and the Need for Controls

Data mining, critical in the fight against terror, needs both an image makeover and a government-wide policy to ensure transparency and protection of civil liberties, according to a panel of experts from across the ideological spectrum.

Perfect Enemy: The Law Enforcement Manual of Islamist Terrorism

Dean Olson's Perfect Enemy provides an in-depth view of how religious fundamentalism evolves into terrorism.

TSA Chief Looks Forward to Less Invasive Security Screening Technology

Automated target recognition could provide a screening solution that doesn't upset privacy concerns, but it's not ready for prime time, TSA chief testifies.

The Security Implications of Social Networks

Whether online or in the real world, social networks have real implications and applications for security professionals.

Fending Off Pirates Through Robust Risk Management Programs

Ships transiting pirate-infested waters need a comprehensive risk management program to adequately defend themselves against attack.

Rep. King to Push Consolidated DHS Oversight

Keeping Guantanamo Bay detainees out of the United States and streamlining congressional oversight are among the top priorities of Peter King (R-NY3), the Republican expected to retake the reins of the House Committee on Homeland Security in the new Congress.

Morning Security Brief: Radical Cleric Charged, Cyberbullying Help, FISA Rules Revised, School Firing Upheld

Yemen charges Anwar-al-Awlaki with incidtement to kill foreigners; Facebook sets up a resource to help fight cyberbullying; FISA revisions are set in new rules of procedure for the court, and a ruling to uphold a firing of a school employee is questioned.

Counterterror Shift in Yemen?

The recent foiled plot by suspected terrorists in Yemen has drawn attention to United States' options for attacking militants in that country.

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