Panetta: Jordanians Warned CIA about Khost Suicide Bomber

Security reforms including red-teaming and more robust training of operatives are planned.

Report: Taliban Link to U.S. Base Guards

Guards hired to provide security at U.S. bases in Afghanistan have links to the Taliban, according to a Senate investigation.

Fusion Centers and SARs Will Help Disrupt Homegrown Terrorists, Says Napolitano

The Department of Homeland Security will continue to strengthen its support for state-based intelligence fusion centers and suspicious activity reporting to combat the escalating threat of homegrown terrorism, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told a Senate committee Wednesday.

Government Contractor's Surveillance of Activists Causes Outrage Across Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania's homeland security office is under fire for hiring a private intelligence firm that monitored the activities of law-abiding, peaceful activist groups.

War on Al Qaeda Affiliates Succeeding but Long-term Persistence Critical, CIA Vets Say

The United States and its allies are effectively beating back al Qaeda and affiliated movements around the world, but to waver would let the groups quickly regain strength, four senior veterans of the effort said Wednesday

Terrorism Attacks and Arrests in Europe Down for Second Straight Year

Both the number of terrorism attacks and arrests have decreased for the second straight year across continental Europe as the percentage of successful prosecutions rose, according to Europol.

The Vexing Problem of Culture in Managing Security Globally

Multinational corporations must the weigh the delicate balance between their security culture, their industry's security culture, and the security culture of where they do business.

The Pursuit of Next-Generation Explosives Detection

New explosive detection technologies try to keep pace with terrorist innovation, exemplified by the Christmas Day attempt against a U.S.-bound airliner.

Car Bomb Adds Dark Precedent to Juarez Narco-War

The drug war just across the border from El Paso, Texas, just got closer to Baghdad last week after Cuidad Juárez experienced its first car bomb, killing two police officers and a paramedic and injuring seven people.

Retired Israeli Intel Officer: U.S. a Victim of Its Own Omissions

A retired Israeli intelligence professional offers alternative ways to fight al Qaeda and jihadism in general.

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