Police Association: LAX Vulnerable to Terrorist Attack

California state and local lawmakers are calling for a review of security at Los Angeles International Airport after a local police organization says the terminals are vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

Think Tank to White House: Define Your Enemy

A strategic report from an influential D.C. think tank argues the U.S. must actively engage, debate, and discredit the radical Islamist ideology that creates jihadist terrorists if the United States is to win the war on terrorism.

Profile of a British Islamist As a Terrorist

On the anniversity of the 7-7 bombings, a new report from a U.K. think tank breaks down the 124 individuals who have committed Islamism-related offenses inside the United Kingdom since 1999.

Making Sure Your Employees Come Home Safe

When sending employees overseas for travel, companies have a duty of care to ensure they provide the necessary security protocols, training, and contingency plans to ensure they come home safe and sound.

Al Qaeda's Yemeni Franchise Publishes English-language E-Zine

The English-language magazine represents al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's attempt to radicalize and recruit Western homegrown terrorists, experts say.

DHS Agency Criticized Over Lack of Nuclear Terrorism Defense Plan

The agency responsible for protecting the United States from nuclear terrorism wasted time, money, and effort on flawed detection technology rather than developing a plan to close critical vulnerabilities terrorists could exploit, a panel of watchdogs told a Senate committee today.

G8 and G20 Summits Yield Close Calls, Constitutional Controversy

The latest G8 and G20 global economic summits wrapped up in Toronto and nearby Huntsville, Ontario, Canada over the weekend, amid the largest mass arrests in the country's history, and the troubling revelation that two protesters were caught emerging from a city manhole, according to press reports.

Companies Purchase Terrorism Insurance at Increasing Rates

The percentage of U.S.-based companies that have purchased terrorism insurance is at its highest level ever, according to a new market survey.

Supreme Court Rules that Humanitarian Aid to Terrorist Organizations is Illegal

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a law prohibiting “material support” to terrorist organizations also bans support intended for an organization’s humanitarian activities.

U.K.: Police Raid Companies Suspected of Selling Fake Bomb Detectors

Five locations linked to three British companies were raided by London police on Tuesday for suspicion of exporting fake bomb detectors banned earlier this year by the British government and blamed for hundreds of deaths in Iraq.

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