Words Matter in Battling Terrorism and Extremism

The Southern Poverty Law Center says that the Tea Party Movement cannot "fairly" be called an extremist group, raising the question: Why were they in a report on such groups?

Homegrown Jihadism Increased Threefold in 2009 But Remains Isolated

Cases of jihadist radicalization inside the United States last year occurred at three times the rate of any year since 9-11, but the Muslim-American community has overwhelmingly remained immune to the jihadist message, a new report from RAND states.

Terrorism Expert: America's Blindspot is the Homeland

Saturday's botched attack in Times Square continues to show that al Qaeda and its sympathizers have successfully sown the seeds of jihad on American shores, a respected terrorism expert said Friday.

Northwestern Study Finds DHS May Misallocate Homeland Security Funds

Researchers from Northwestern University say they've developed a more advanced budget allocation model that shows New York City receives too little of the homeland security funding pie and wants the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to consider their methodology.

Close "Terror Gun Gap," Says NYC Mayor Bloomberg and Police Chief Kelly

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other New York City metro-area leaders called on Congress Wednesday to close the "terror gun gap" that they argue makes a Mumbai-style attack against an American city easier for terrorists.

Following the Homeland Security Grant Money

Since 9-11, Congress has allocated roughly $30 billion to states in homeland security grants. Has the money been well spent?

Viewpoint: Safe Rooms are a Safe Investment

A corporate safe room is the best investment a company can make to protect its most valuable assets: its executives. (Online Exclusive)

Morning Security Brief: Terrorists Convictions, Pirate Tribunals, and Executive Protection

Egypt convicts Hezbollah-backed terrorists, the United Nations Security Council pushes for stronger action against pirates, and companies cut back on executive protection.

Study Finds Rise in Lone Wolf Terrorist Attacks Since Oklahoma City

Domestic terrorist attacks perpetrated by individuals, or lone wolves, have increased since Timothy McVeigh's bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City 15 years ago, reports a terrorism research organization.

NGO to Detachment 88: Try Harder Not to Kill Jihadi "Active Shooters"

Indonesia's Detachment 88, the archipelago's elite black-clad antiterrorism police force, should look into developing procedures to capture violent jihadi militants alive, says the International Crisis Group in a report released this week.

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