DHS Cuts Chemicals from Security Risk List

The agency amended its original list of chemicals to regulate due to industry pressure.

Head of MI-5 Says Al Qaeda Grooming British Homegrown Terrorists

British intelligence has identified 2,000 people with links to international terrorism.

EU to Outlaw Internet Terrorism

Measure seeks to shut down "virtual training camps."

Spanish Court Convicts 21 for Madrid Train Bombings

Seven acquittals show the difficulty of convicting suspects not directly involved with the attack.

Local Law Enforcement Counterterrorism Efforts Highlighted

Senior police officers tell Congress why they are the "first preventors of terrorism."

New York Governor's New Plan Would Still Give Licenses to Illegal Aliens

Plan would create three separate but secure driver's licenses.

Insect Insurgents

Could bugs be the next terrorist weapon? A Boston Globe op-ed thinks so.

Bin Laden Hopes Iraqis Will Unite Against United States

Sunni insurgents must unite and fight as one, says al Qaeda's leader.

Muslim Charity Trial Declared Mistrial

Government says it will retry the case.

ASIS Members Featured in The Washington Post

The Washington Post interviews members of ASIS International for a story on Las Vegas casino surveillance technologies.

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