Tripping Up Terrorists

Businesses participating in Operation Tripwire help alert the FBI to possible terrorist activity by reporting suspicious purchases by customers.

Rep King: The U.S. Military is Being Infiltrated by Al Qaeda

A “significant and growing number of military personnel” are actually terrorists in disguise posing a “serious danger to their brothers and sisters in arms who wear the same uniform,” according to a report released on Wednesday by the Committee on Homeland Security.

North By Northwest

While some critics say U.S. Customs and Border Protection has not given the northern border due attention, the agency maintains that it has crafted a strategy for targeting limited assets that does the job without a massive number of boots on the ground.

Editor's Note: Credible Threats or Incredibly Overblown?

Americans are known for our humor and skepticism, and it can be a great strength, but it can also cause us to make light of situations that deserve more serious attention.

Morning Security Brief: Penn State Campus Unrest, Terrorism in Nigeria, TSA Training, and More

Penn State's Campus was the scene of unrest after a legendary coach and its president were fired. Terrorism in Nigeria is on the rise. The TSA is offering screeners an intelligence analysis class. DARPA is increasing its cyber research budget.

When Ricin Exposure Happens, It's No Accident

The potential for a person to encounter ricin accidentally is so rare that almost any cases of ricin illness would be considered the result of an attack, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Animal Rights Extremists Target Medical Students

Hoping to persuade research students to abandon careers involving animal testing, activists are mounting harassment campaigns at universities.

Morning Security Brief: FBI Thwarts Biological Attack, Court Security, Police Response Times, and More

The FBI arrest four men for plotting domestic attacks. The GAO examines courthouse security. Costa Rica looks to reduce police response times. And more.

Russian Spies Transmitted Messages Through Images

The group of Russian spies that was arrested last year after living undercover in the United States was using technology allegedly used by terrorist groups to pass covert information, according to FBI documents released on Monday.

Morning Security Brief: Drug Testing, The Real IRA, FBI Official Wants a New Internet, and More

Drug testing for welfare recipients ruled unconstitutional. The Real IRA says its starting a campaign against "economic targets." An FBI official calls for a new Internet. And more.

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