Stalked ESPN Reporter Sues Six Hotel Operators

Erin Andrews, who was photographed through hotel room doors after employees provided a peeping Tom with both her room numbers and accommodations in adjoining rooms, has sued six hotel operators and the convicted defendant.

Army-Sponsored Institute Develops Virtual Reality Counterinsurgency Training Games

A U.S. Army-financed research institute, combining the skills of Hollywood and the video game world, is helping to train soldiers in winning hearts and minds in Afghanistan, Iraq, and beyond by developing virtual reality games that blur gaming and real life.

NYC Rabbi Teaches Synagogue Self-Defense

A New York City rabbi has developed a 100-hour counterterrorist security course to protect synagogues during the forthcoming Jewish High Holy Days, The New York Post reports.

Directive Puts "Irregular Warfare" on Equal Footing with Traditional Combat

A new directive requires the Pentagon to "step up" its abilities to fight unconventionally.

Blackwater to Move Away from Protection Services

Blackwater Worldwide officials say protective services were never "the master plan" and argue that sensational media coverage has distorted its image.

Not Just Fun and Games

Sandia National Laboratories and the University of Southern California's Gamepipe Laboratory team up to produce a video game that trains people to deal with terrorist attacks and disasters.

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