Security Patch Stops Spoofing

Network infrastructure and operating system vendors coordinated the release of a security patch on Tuesday to plug up the vulnerability.

The Perils of Spam

The results of a new experiment, conducted by McAfee, uncovers the inextricable link between spam and cybercrime.

Citibank, Cardtronics Mum on ATM PIN Breach

The extent of the fraud is still unknown, although prosecutors allege the hackers stole at least $2 million.

Spammer To Pay MySpace $6 Million in Settlement

The settlement, however, is 95 percent less than originally sought by the social networking site.

Experts to Congress: Regulate Spyware

Computer and information security experts and advocates told a Senate hearing they approve of legislation to curb the unauthorized download of software onto users' computers.

Two Lawmakers Allege China Hacked Their Computers

In one instance, the hack attack compromised all the information on international political dissidents held by one House member.

Employees More Dangerous Than Hackers, Survey Finds

A new survey of IT directors says insider threats are a bigger problem than external threats such as hackers.

Online Gold and Silver Transactions Could Attract Money Launderers and Terrorists

A classified Canadian report says that Web sites operated by "digital precious metal operators" could be exploited for money laundering and terrorist financing.

Three International Hackers Indicted for "Sniffing" Payment Card Numbers

Three men allegedly "sniffed" an unknown amount of credit and debit card numbers from 11 Dave and Buster's restaurants nationally.

The Pharming Threat Grows

Pharming is proliferating throughout the world, but there are ways to protect yourself.

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