Press Conferences Showcase New Technology

Wednesday, September 25 - 6:53pm

The press room at McCormick Place was the place to be this week as exhibitors announced their latest technologies. Company representatives took time out from the exhibit hall to talk to members of the media during press conferences held throughout the week. Here are some highlights from the press conferences held on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Access control and security manufacturer Sielox (Booth #543) recently released its crisis management product, Sielox Class (Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System), which allows schools to provide real-time status updates to first responders and other security personnel during an emergency situation. The solution integrates floor plans of the school, live video, and chat capabilities through a browser appliance that can be accessed from any device with a WAN, LAN, 3G or 4G connection.

A unique feature of Sielox Class is an automated color-coded system that draws on the red/green manual lockdown procedures recommended by the Federal Emergency Management Agency after the Columbine shooting. Rather than placing red or green cards under their doors, teachers can now indicate the status of their rooms without giving away any information to the intruder or active shooter.

Using the appropriate link in their browser, teachers can display the status of their classroom by choosing a color option that shows up on the map accordingly. The color options are as follows: green means a room is safe and secure, yellow indicates an individual is unaccounted for, blue represents a medical emergency, and orange means a disturbance (such as a fight). Finally, the color red is reserved to indicate a crisis situation. “Blue and orange are colors that may not be part of a lockdown but could be used in a school in an everyday situation,” explained Karen Evans, Sielox CEO and president. “If a teacher has a fight going on in a classroom, they will be able to alert a security resource officer or a teacher that they need some other teachers to come into their room to help settle the fight.”

Sielox Class can be used to e-mail or text alerts to any and all critical players during a security incident. The product’s event viewer scrolls and filters events and can be accessed by first responders in a command and control center from any location or device. “Because it’s browser-based and every patrol car under deployment today has a laptop in their vehicle, they can set up a local command center right on site at the perimeter of the school and know exactly the status is of what’s going on in those classrooms the moment they get on site,” Evans said.


At this year’s show Assa Abloy America announced the launch of several new high-tech access control solutions. Among the products is the KS100 Server Cabinet Lock from HES, an Assa Abloy company. The HES K100S is a wireless access control lock designed to enhance security in server rooms. Through Assa Abloy’s Aperio hub technology, the product allows for the wireless linking of mechanical locks to any new or existing access control system. “For the first time, if you want to secure your data and keep people from meddling with your servers, this server lock will use the same credential and the same access control systems you’re using on the doors of the building, and you can now put on the server racks themselves,” said Martin Huddart, president of Assa Abloy’s access and egress hardware group.

The company also unveiled the Securitron M380 Series Magnalock which includes an optional embedded CCTV camera and motion detector, as well as the Besam Secure360 sensor for access control revolving doors. The technology eliminates the threat of tailgating or piggy-backing using a combination of laser and video detection to monitor the number of people trying to enter a facility through revolving doors.

At the press conference, Assa Abloy also highlighted its four products which were awarded with the 2013 ASIS Accolades.


Pelco by Schneider Electric is showcasing eight new families of its IP video accessory products in the exhibit hall this week. These video accessories are designed to operate in all environments and be entirely compatible with one another, said Craig Dahlman, director of analog products and accessories for Pelco, in a press conference Wednesday morning.
“We’ve taken a lot of time and effort to make sure that the accessory products that we’re introducing all work together and are tested together and offer a new solution for customer confidence because far too often today, our customers are picking widget A and widget B and widget C and putting them together and having difficulties,” he said. “We’re trying to avoid that with our Choose with Confidence strategy.”

The Choose with Confidence is a new aim for Pelco with a focus on ensuring that all products are tested together at its headquarters in Clovis, California, to be certain that the products function together without causing additional problems for the user. “Our customers want a complete system...and our customers want a single supplier,” said Geoff Anderson, senior product manager for Pelco.

The new accessory family lines included in the strategy are fortified camera enclosure systems, general purpose enclosures, infrared and white light LED illumination, IP fiber optic transmission, EthernetConnect Ethernet over coax/UTP transmission, PoE midspan power systems, full HD monitors/displays, and a portable IP camera installation tool. All of the products are designed to “give the customers the ability to specify complete, end-to-end solutions by removing all guesswork with tested, compatible, ready-to-install products,” according to a press release.

Anderson highlighted the EthernetConnect accessory as an example of the new focus. The accessory, which allows users and installers to use existing coaxial cable and twisted pair copper wire as Ethernet transmission for IP video. The system supports PoE and PoE+ cameras, which can transmit IP video and power over Coax or UTP, up to 5,000 feet. This allows large facilities—such as hospitals—to use their existing infrastructure to improve their video systems and keep costs low, Anderson said.


Smiths Detection launched the HI-SCAN 6040-2is, an advanced dual-view X-ray inspection system that can detect explosives and other impermissible objects at security checkpoints. These machines are ideal for deployment in critical infrastructure premises where baggage and personal belongings are subject to inspection, such as airports, post offices, courthouses, nuclear and correctional facilities, schools, and more. The scanner provides both a profile and perpendicular view that allows objects to be detected which would not be visible with single-view X-ray technology. Unlike other dual-view scanners, the placement of generators on the HI-SCAN 6040-2is produces an undistorted raw image that does not need converting to produce a higher quality picture. “This machine provides a true undistorted image, thereby improving image quality substantially,” said James Viscardi, vice president for U.S. critical infrastructure and emergency response at Smiths Detection. “With more information, the image is better, and the screener has more information with which to make a better decision during the screening process.”

The X-ray scanner can penetrate 35 millimeters of steel and is available in both standard and high quality resolution. The unit is compact, lightweight, and has an operator-friendly interface with the option of a rollaway unit to separate the operator’s monitor and keyboard from the scanner.



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