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Posted by BOHANNON on Mon, 06/09/2008 - 09:52

The 9/11 commission has recently issued a progress report on the private sector's readiness to manage terrorism. The report paints a less than favorable picture and the question is why is the private sector not ready.
I am a doctoral candidate who has been doing research on this area for the last two years . The purpose of my research is to (a) Determine empirically the state of readiness of the private sector and (b) determine the reasons for nin-preparedness.
The literature indicates nine best practices which indicates an organization's readiness.My research enables a preparedness score to be arrived at for each company.
My two hypotheses as to the reasons for non-preparedness are (a) the over-arching effect of government counter-terrorism activities and (b) the mindset of business leadership towards risk. Probability and impact are the two components of risk and the wight placed on either element can determine leadership's response to the threat of terrorism.
I would appreciate other views. If any company wants to participate in the study please let me know.

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I believe another reason for the nonpreparedness in yje private sector is a insurance and 2 there is so much diversity in the private sector that where do you begin.


My two hypotheses as to the reasons for non-preparedness are
1.Companies in the private sector, think the government will
care of things.Employees and everyone must learn what to for look for. 2.We must use all the technology we have to deal with this problem, before we are hit again.Because little things can become big ones.

this is a very long procedure

To study how to deal with terrorism attracts or threats this is a very long procedure,
In Israel we studied that terrorism till the end of the 70 was like the PLO based on national dispute, after the Islamic revolution in Iran up to our days we can see the dispute is based on culture and religion,
The question is can we really change the enemy culture or religion, do we have basis for negotiation and what is the price that each side will have to pay.
But before getting into the negotiation in order to solve the conflict we must ask ourselves the main question "do the sides ready to negotiate?? Or to pay price "
Today we can see that the answer is NO
Now you will have to ask yourself what are the steps that you need to do in order to prepare yourself to fight

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