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Security Management
Booth #1309
Honeywell Video Systems of Louisville, Kentucky, offers video security integration with maximum efficiency and minimum effort. The company’s MAXPRO VMS (Video Management System) and Pro-Watch security management system integrates video cameras, alarm systems, floor plans, and access control to quickly and accurately detect threats and areas of risk. Security professionals can view feeds from all of their facilities’ cameras on a single screen. It also allows companies to network analog and digital surveillance technologies.

Security Management
American Dynamics
Booth #1321
The victor from American Dynamics of Boca Raton, Florida, is a unified security and surveillance solution that lets users view, manage, and control recorded video from Intellex digital video management systems and VideoEdge network video management systems, as well as live streams from analog and IP cameras. It can display video simultaneously with common feature set, regardless of the codec (H.264, ACC, M-JPEG, MPEG-4)—even mixing and matching technologies. There is no need to toggle between client applications.

Access control Software
DSX Access Systems, Inc.
Booth #2533
New DSX-AES256 software from Dallas-based DSX Access Systems, Inc., contains government approved AES-256 bit encryption technology that can be implemented systemwide. Encryption capabilities are built into the software and every field controller. Communications to each location can optionally be encrypted with a unique encryption key assigned by the customer for communicating with that location’s field controllers. The software encrypts communications to all panels in that location without the use of add-on devices. Because the encryption technology is inherent to the software and field controllers, implementation is easy. All 1040 Series and 1022 controllers can be flash-upgraded to the AES-256 bit version.

IP Surveillance
GVI Security
Booth #2814
New auto-IP video management software from GVI Security of Carrollton, Texas, simplifies the installation and configuration of network video systems by automating the steps required to configure network cameras and the underlying network. The open-platform product is ideal for small to mid-sized surveillance projects and can scale to support system growth. Simple installation, intuitive graphical interfaces, and automated configuration reduce installation time and training for installers and end users.

Perimeter Protection
Booth #1733
Senstar Corporation of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, announced a new microphonic fence-mounted sensor that detects intrusions at the perimeter to provide advance warning to security forces. FlexPS offers increased probability of detection, improved sensitivity, and complete backwards compatibility with Senstar’s existing fence-mounted technologies. It detects intruders on a fence and can distinguish whether the intrusion is a climb, cut, or lift. Easily installed with tie wraps on most fence types, one processor can provide up to 600 meters (2000 feet) of perimeter protection. The cable can be separated into two distinct detection zones.

Guard Technology
Booth #2832
G4S of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, has introduced an interactive software platform that enables its security officers to expand their capabilities via technology. Secure Trax PLUS connects security officers, the command center, and the enterprise’s customized secure business intelligence portal. The software can detect, alert, dispatch, respond, and verify events in real time, while eliminating paperwork and providing historical data. The command center provides situational management with rapid response capabilities and functions such as guard tour monitoring, perimeter violation monitoring, check-in verification, documented repair requests, and coordination of duties. The business intelligence portal offers incident tracking and compliance reporting with analyses to determine efficient allocation of resources.

Video Management
GVI Security
Booth #2814
GVI Security of Carrollton, Texas, has added a new device to its auto-IP video product line that makes installation of IP video systems simpler than installing a DVR. The company’s razberi device embeds the server, software, storage, and a power over Ethernet switch/router to power eight cameras. The product complies with ONVIF, an industry standard protocol that allows for mixing cameras from manufacturers who adhere to the standard. It automatically provides power and IP addresses, configures cameras for motion detection, and automatically starts recording. Multiple razberis can be stacked in a location or scaled to multiple locations for distributed storage and processing.

Security Software
Software House
Booth #1321
CCURE 9000 from Software House of Lexington, Massachusetts, is a powerful security and event management system for applications from small companies to corporations spanning many locations. It delivers IT standard tools and an innovative distributed architecture. Leveraging Microsoft .NET v3.5, the platform offers native encryption and XML data transfer, making it fast and secure. It integrates with a variety of third-party technologies. With the CCURE 9000 Web Client, customers can remotely manage personnel records, display dynamic views, and monitor system activity from anywhere in the world.

Talking Touchscreen
TC Fire and Security
Booth #2803
The two-way talking touch screen from UTC Fire and Security of Bradenton, Florida, is a wireless, AC-powered, 3.5-inch color touch screen that operates seamlessly with Simon XT security panels as well as with GE thermostats and lighting control devices. The touch screen has an intuitive user interface with simple icons so homeowners can easily navigate both security and home automation features.

Glass Barrier
Designed Security, Inc.
Booth #3425
The Invisigate Glass Barrier Turnstile from Designed Security, Inc., of Bastrop, Texas, delivers tight access control while complementing the aesthetics of a building’s lobby. It enables high-speed throughput while giving organizations the flexibility to meet their unique access control needs. The glass barrier can be configured to be as high as six feet, providing a full-height lockable barrier. The turnstile is field-configurable for card-in/card-out or card-in/free-exit operation with no additional programming. It incorporates tailgate detection technology, and offers an optional hard-lock barrier for after-hours operation, reducing the number of personnel required to monitor building access points. The ADA-compliant units are available in an array of colors and finishes, with optional custom glass etching on the panels.

Mass Notification
Booth #615
WEBS Contact is a new mass notification software from Talk-A-Phone Co. of Niles, Illinois. It uses an integrated multi-layer approach to contact a population of any size with site-specific instructions through a variety of notification mediums. Exterior and interior paging units, emergency phones, SMS, e-mail, RSS, LED signage, giant voice, and other technologies can be encompassed in a comprehensive crisis management solution under one platform. The WEBS platform allows new communication mediums to augment existing infrastructure without disrupting current operating procedures. The system allows emergency personnel to develop preprogrammed crisis response scenarios for situations such as environmental incidents, natural disasters, workplace violence, and terrorist activity.

Thermal Cameras
Booth #3632
FLIR Systems of Portland, Oregon, has released several new models with 640x480 resolution. The new sensor options are available in the company’s industry-leading family of thermal security cameras in the F-, PT-, and SR-Series product lines. These new products provide security professionals with four times the resolution of earlier products, and 16 times the resolution offered by other thermal camera manufacturers. When the new sensors are combined with FLIR’s wide selection of lenses, they provide security professionals with better image detail, longer-range performance, and wider coverage areas. In many situations users can deploy fewer cameras to cover the same area as their lower-resolution competitors.

Document Shredder
Booth #1622
The Destroyit AL1 business shredder by MBM Corporation of North Charleston, South Carolina, has won numerous design awards for its sleek, contemporary looks. Its aluminum casing features side panels that can be ordered in custom colors or individualized with a company logo. The cross-cut shredding head provides DIN level 4 security and is powered by a whisper-quiet single-phase motor. Like all Destroyit shredders, it comes equipped with hardened steel cutting shafts that are warranted for life and the industry’s most advanced safety features.

Megapixel Camera
Booth #1608
The Panasonic i-PRO WV-SP306 network video surveillance camera sets a new standard for advanced technology and innovative features for network-based surveillance applications. Made by Panasonic System Solutions of Secaucus, New Jersey, the camera’s i-PRO Smart HD technology delivers advanced functionality including face detection. The new 1.3 Megapixel MOS sensor and Panasonic UniPhier LSI processor provide high-resolution images with outstanding color reproduction in H.264 high profile format as well as progressive scan technology to ensure images that are free from motion blur or tearing. The compact camera also offers bandwidth and network traffic management, true day/night operation with automatic back focus, wide dynamic range, and high sensitivity with digital noise reduction.

Lockdown Kit
Booth #3525
Detex Corporation of New Braunfels, Texas, offers Electric Dogging EasyKits, which are designed for any door in any type of building where imminent danger to occupants requires immediate and simultaneous locking of multiple doors within the facility. When energized, and after the pushpad is depressed, the pushpad and the latch bolt remain retracted, providing push-pull operation. An onboard key switch provides complete control of each device to key holders. Immediate relocking of all devices is accomplished via an external single switch or through a fire alarm input. LEDs offer visual indications of system status. All components required for installation are included in one kit. Additional kits without the central control switch can be ordered for facilities with multiple doors.

Security Technology
Booth #1923
AlliedBarton of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, has launched a strategic partnership program that offers clients best-in-class security-related products and services. In addition to providing security officer services, the company will offer a full spectrum of carefully researched security solutions to add value to a company’s overall physical security program. Because the security products are not proprietary to AlliedBarton, it can help clients find the best solutions for their specific needs rather than trying to make a certain product work for all customers.

Parcel Inspection
American Science and Engineering
Booth #1833
The Gemini parcel x-ray inspection system from American Science and Engineering, Inc., of Billerica, Massachusetts, is a multi-technology parcel and baggage inspection system that combines patented Z Backscatter technology with dual-energy transmission for superior threat detection. Z Backscatter provides enhanced detection of organic materials such as explosives. Gemini is available in three tunnel sizes (Gemini 6040, Gemini 7555, and Gemini 100100) to inspect air cargo, large packages, break-bulk cargo, mail, and other small parcels at customs checkpoints, high-threat facilities, building lobbies, air-cargo facilities, and mailrooms.

Dome Camera
Booth #2223
Vicon of Hauppauge, New York, has introduced the new HD Surveyor PTZ Dome, an ONVIF-compliant 1.3 megapixel network camera housed within a high-performance dome. The camera transmits H.264 and MPEG-4 high-definition video at 30 frames per second and features 18X optical zoom and12X digital zoom. It is offered in indoor, outdoor, pressurized, and maximum-security housings, with many mounting options, all of which offer modularity with Vicon’s original line of housings and mounts. The dome provides continuous 360-degree panning with exceptional zoom, focus, pan, and tilt speeds. It offers privacy masking as well as many other programmable features. It performs well in all light conditions due to sophisticated video processing that includes digital noise reduction, backlight compensation, and wide dynamic range.

Liquid Threat Detection
Smiths Detection
Booth #2619
Smiths Detection of Morristown, New Jersey, has introduced the RespondeR Bottled Liquid Scanner (BLS), which can accurately distinguish threat liquids from benign liquids in unopened glass and plastic bottles. Screening liquids in sealed bottles reduces inspection time, increasing throughput. The system utilizes Raman spectroscopy technology and features a touch screen display with a simple user interface. Bottles are placed inside a safety enclosure where contents are scanned with a laser source. Within 20 seconds results are compared to the on-board threat library. If no threat is detected, the display reads “NO THREAT FOUND” in green. Otherwise the display reads “THREAT FOUND” in red and the operator can elect to perform an optional secondary identification scan.

Managed Midspans
Booth #3003
NetWayM Managed PoE Midspans from Altronix of Brooklyn, New York, automatically provide the precise power required by cameras or edge devices with a maximum output of 30 watts per port. The units are IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at (PoE Plus) compliant to support both power over Ethernet (PoE) and non-PoE devices. They offer automatic detection and protection of legacy non-PoE devices. Power allocation for each port is programmed via an Ethernet port that also facilitates status monitoring by PC. Unused ports can be disabled to prevent unauthorized network connections. Cameras and other devices can be located up to 100 meters from the midspans and can be extended in 100-meter increments using repeater modules.

Visitor Management
Booth #527
EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management (SVM) from EasyLobby, Inc., of Needham, Massachusetts, automates the entire process of registering a visitor and printing a badge. Users capture detailed visitor information in seconds from a license, passport, or business card, while keeping all information confidential. The system provides enterprise-class visitor monitoring, tracking, reporting, badge printing, web-based preregistration of guests by employees, and access control integration. The affordable software is feature-rich, customizable, and easy to use to analyze visitor data and run queries and reports. The system offers integrated badge design with hundreds of built-in templates. A comprehensive watch list feature supports government-denied part list screening and registered sex offender database screening.

Security Services
Securitas Security Services USA
Booth #3120
Securitas Security Services USA of Parsippany, New Jersey, is the most locally focused security company in the United States, with more than 450 branch managers and more than 100,000 security officers who provide security solutions to meet the specific needs of thousands of businesses. Securitas USA’s services include guarding services, patrols and inspections, access control, concierge and receptionist services, security console operators, alarm response, and specialized client requested services. From small businesses to large corporations, Securitas employees are making a difference.

Information Security
Research Electronics International
Booth #1039
Research Electronics International (REI) of Algood, Tennessee, provides equipment and technology to protect against the loss of intangible assets and intellectual property. The OSCOR Blue Spectrum Analyzer performs RF signal acquisition and analysis at speeds of 24 GHz per second, detecting unknown, illegal, and disruptive rogue transmissions across a wide frequency spectrum. The TALAN Telephone and Line Analyzer inspects, analyzes, and tests digital telephone lines and other wiring for taps and other eavesdropping devices. The ORION Non-Linear Junction Evaluator detects hidden electronic devices, regardless of whether the device is radiating, hard wired, or even turned off. The company’s Center for Technical Security offers the largest commercially available technical surveillance countermeasures training facility in the world.

Background Checks
LexisNexis Screening Solutions
Booth #3241
LexisNexis Screening Solutions of Alpharetta, Georgia, helps customers protect the reputation of their organization by staying compliant and identifying risk associated with employees, contractors, and vendors. State-of-the-art background check tools, drug and alcohol tests, fingerprint screening, and behavior assessments support advanced technology and comprehensive data solutions to allow users make the right decisions quickly about the people on site. Background check solutions are backed by service excellence, compliance updates, and best practices. A company’s most valuable asset is its people.

Dispatch Management
Booth #3042
The iDispatch Security Dispatch System from iView Systems of Oakville, Ontario, Canada, provides an easy-to-use software tool for improved security officer dispatch and workflow management. The dispatch system provides a real-time view of all current activity with full officer status and assignment. Personnel availability, status, and location are immediately visible for efficient deployment and dispatch detail tracking. The complete dispatch solution is integrated within the iTrak Incident Reporting and Risk Management platform taking advantage of existing personnel, location, and daily log reporting.

Metal Detector
Garrett Metal Detectors
Booth #1443
A hand-held pinpointing detector from Garrett Metal Detectors of Garland, Texas, can precisely and rapidly pinpoint buried and hidden metallic objects, weapons, and evidence. The CSI PRO-POINTER, used in conjunction with an effective ground-search metal detector such as Garrett’s CSI 250, is a cost-effective solution for recovery of metallic evidence in crime scene investigations. This lightweight detector features continuous audible and vibrating alarms that increase in intensity based on proximity to the metallic target. Its scraping blade allows the user to rake through the soil while digging for a target. Convenient to carry in its supplied belt holster, it is durable, water-resistant, and includes an LED flashlight to assist during low-light searches. Garrett metal detectors are made in America.

Door control
Open Options
Booth #909
Open Options, Inc., of Carrollton, Texas, offers the DController, a compact, IP-based, intelligent door controller designed to quickly and easily add doors to your access control system using standard network infrastructure. It supports class 3 power over Ethernet to power the device and other peripheral devices at the door such as motion detectors and locking devices. The controller communicates with DNA Fusion access control software over a standard network, eliminating wiring to every door. Each unit connects to the network via RJ45 connection and has built-in support for two readers, two supervised inputs, and two output relays. An extended version provides support for up to 16 network door modules and a limited number of traditional RS-485 I/O panels.

Video-Verified Alarms
Booth #1709
Stanley Security Solutions of Naperville, Illinois, has launched eVideo Alarm Verification, which uses revolutionary Videofied technology to provide a completely wireless and battery-operated alarm system that delivers high apprehensions, low false alarms, and priority response. The Videofied wireless and cellular technology, with extended battery capability (up to 4 years), provides indoor and outdoor security and is especially suited for securing remote construction sites, protecting vacant buildings, and guarding fenced lots and rooftop HVAC systems. Real-time online, 24/7 viewing of alarm and video activity is delivered by Stanley’s eServices.

Situational Awareness
Booth #1646
Inovonics Wireless Corporation of Louisville, Colorado, announces a situational awareness system featuring the company’s latest positioning technology. The system provides detailed location information for tracking mobile devices and pinpointing duress alarm locations. It is the first of its kind to offer location capabilities for life safety applications in the security market. The new offering also allows end users to monitor a variety of endpoints and interface to fire and access control systems with instant notification to mobile devices such as cell phones, pagers, and two-way radios.

Plastic Card Printers
Team NiSCA
Booth #1851
NiSCA Plastic Card Printers have the best mean time between failures in the industry. Made by Team NiSCA of Somerset, New Jersey, they produce high-quality images with direct-to-card 24-bit color and 256-grayscale. Options include smart card contact IC and contactless memory encoders, laminators, and leading security holography and security inks. All NiSCA Plastic Card Printers are now MAC-compatible. The PR5350 card printer offers dual-sided edge-to-edge printing of more than 164 cards per hour. The PR-C101 has a small footprint and produces single-sided cards. The PR5302 Heat Roller offers high-speed lamination, with configurations for single or dual lamination.

Access Control
Adams Rite
Booth #301
Adams Rite of Pomona, California, has added a contactless proximity reader into its eForce platform. The eForce Prox and eForce iCLASS proximity card readers control access with the company’s deadbolts, deadlatches, and exit devices. Card presentation is confirmed with an audible beep and visual change in the red/green LED indicator, which displays the locked/unlocked status. Supporting HID 125 KHz (eForce Prox) or 13.56 MHz (eForce iCLASS) credentials, the reader interfaces with any Wiegand-compatible access control system. It is ideal for retrofits because of its simple, no-cut installation, and it is compatible with aluminum, steel, and wooden doors that range from 1¾ to 2¼ inches thick.

Secure Walls
Booth #1938
Alabama Metal Industries Corporation (AMICO) of Birmingham, Alabama, has developed a solution for preventing break-ins through interior walls, ceilings, and floors. The company’s Security Mesh is installed with patented Secura Clips to metal or wood studs in the walls. The carbon- or stainless-steel mesh panels are covered with drywall. The company has also developed a Super Max Security Mesh for industrial and homeland security applications. Super Max is made from ASM .75-9F heavy modified steel, which is approximately 35 percent heavier than the previous maximum security mesh.

Security Management
Booth #2122
Diebold, Incorporated, of North Canton, Ohio, works with customers to achieve architectural and operational balance in security systems integration. The company integrates legacy solutions with the latest technology to arrive at effective security and life safety programs. The company provides custom systems integration, access control, intrusion detection, surveillance, system design, project management, preventive maintenance, technical and software support, and advanced monitoring services. Diebold’s full scope of security solutions and services combine with its experience in creating solutions for complex environments to understand and fulfill unique customer requirements.

Portable Surveillance
Doosan Portable Power
Booth #141
The Blackhawk MVS6 mobile video surveillance system from Doosan Portable Power of Statesville, North Carolina, allows remote monitoring of outdoor areas at substantially less cost than employing security manpower. The system employs a hybrid power system of solar and diesel technology, providing up to six months of uninterrupted operation. The 85-watt solar power array continuously charges the system’s three batteries. A 6-kilowatt generator provides power to auxiliary outlets and a standard lighting feature. Software connects the user to the system’s day/night imaging camera and a 40-gigabyte DVR via wireless connection. The operator can remotely control the pan-tilt-zoom camera functions and review recorded images over three communication connection options (WiFi radio, hardwire Ethernet, and cellular).

Lobby Access Control
Booth #3479
The Speedlane 300 optical turnstile from Boon Edam, Inc., of Lillington, North Carolina, guarantees fast, smooth and efficient access control in two directions with sleek, contemporary styling. Each lane has a capacity of 25 to 30 persons per minute in one direction, depending on the access control system used. The illuminated angel-wing pivoting barriers use low-energy LED lights to indicate the operating mode of the turnstile, turning green when the product is free for use. The color changes according to authorization, tailgating, piggybacking, closing, and unauthorized use. The turnstile’s neutral stainless steel finish complements most building interiors.

Security Education
American Military University
Booth #3490
American Military University (AMU) offers online security management programs in various aspects of security—from access control to terrorism. Field work in the areas of executive protection and recovery, trade secret protection, background investigations, surveillance, IT security, and cybersecurity are among the career choices available to graduates. From local business to international consulting opportunities, security management is one of the fastest growing fields today. AMU offers more than 100 online degree programs and certificates including Security Management, Information Technology, Criminal Justice, and Emergency and Disaster Management. Courses are entirely online and start monthly with 8- and 16-week classes available in many programs.

Video Platform
Booth #3441
An open network video platform, Control Center 4.6 network video management software offers high-definition stream management and expanded support for third-party cameras including ONVIF-certified cameras and analytics software from vendors including SightLogix and VideoIQ. Avigilon of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, has added new features, including an enhanced audit trail, advanced HD-video management, an expanded mapping interface, and streamlined alarm management. Its powerful and intuitive user interface lets users evaluate and respond to events quickly, efficiently, and easily. The software ensures that the best evidence is preserved for full situational awareness and detail, leading to faster response times and greater investigative success. Avigilon Control Center earned the Frost & Sullivan Global Video Surveillance New Product Innovation of the Year award in 2010.

Access Control
Booth #3417
Brivo Systems of Bethesda, Maryland, has introduced the ACS OnSite Aparato Physical Access Control System, a full-featured, appliance-based access control platform with built-in security features. It employs a fully secure trusted platform module (TPM) that is compliant with ISO standard 11889 and fully encrypts system data. The TPM protects data from software attacks and physical theft, guards against unauthorized modification of application software, provides tamper detection, and simplifies software upgrades by eliminating tokens and other peripheral security measures. The system is on the U.S. General Services Administration’s FIPS 201 Approved Product List in the Caching Status Proxy category. It is integrated with Codebench’s PIVCheck Plus and Certificate Manager products, enabling solutions in full compliance with HSPD-12 and FIPS 201.

Emergency Phones
Booth #615
Talk-A-Phone Co. of Niles, Illinois has introduced Native VoIP 500 Series Emergency Phones that can be connected directly into existing routers and LAN infrastructure. The new unit can replace a Talk-A-Phone 400 Series analog phone, and custom faceplate sizes are available for replacement of other manufacturers’ analog phones. A built-in Layer 2 switch allows other IP devices to be connected directly into the phone, further enhancing IP integration options. The phones can be paged at high volume with WEBS Contact mass notification software, allowing emergency personnel to issue targeted alerts to any segment of a facility. The software automatically tests and verifies connectivity of VoIP 500 Series phones and sends email alerts on failure detection.

Smart Credential
Ingersoll Rand/Schlage
Booth #2333
Ingersoll Rand of Carmel, Indiana, has announced its newest Schlage contactless smart credential, built on MIFARE DESFire EV1 technology. The new credential is encrypted with AES 128-bit diversified keys and includes mutual authentication and message authentication coding (MAC) to ensure that data is safe. Designed on an open architecture platform, the new credential complies with ISO 14443 standards. It provides an extremely rapid data transfer rate, up to 32 times faster than many smart credentials already on the market. Memory options of two, four, and eight [kilobytes] (I’d just use “KB”) enable users to choose the right solution for their needs. The flexible design supports diverse applications ranging from biometrics to cashless vending and transit passes.

Intelligent Locks
Booth #3148
INTELLIKEY Corporation of West Melbourne, Florida, is a full-service security technology firm that develops software, hardware, and mechanical solutions with innovative designs. In addition to state-of-the-art, stand-alone, retrofitable electronics, the company has introduced the Freedom Online System. This enhances the company’s ACS-4000 access control product line. Customers can choose from Wi-Fi or Ethernet, battery-powered or power supply, and online or standalone models, while standalone and online doors can be combined in the same system.

Card Printer
Digital Identification Solutions
Booth #1032
The EDIsecure XID 8300 Retransfer ID Card Printer from Digital Identification Solutions of Piedmont, South Carolina, is built on a solid steel frame and includes a consistently dependable printer engine. The printer provides increased throughput reliability, superior image quality, greater security, and maximum flexibility at a lower price than its predecessors. It offers high-resolution UV printing plus contact and contactless smart card and magnetic stripe encoding. The unit has a two-year warranty on the printer and a lifetime warranty on the print head. The lockable card hopper stores up to 200 blank cards, and the user-friendly front-loading system with replaceable cartridges makes changing supplies fast and easy. With the one-step installation of an ILM-DS, it also offers simultaneous, dual-side lamination.

IP Locks
Booth #301
SARGENT Profile Series v.S1 (PoE) and v.S2 (Wi-Fi) IP-enabled locks offer the enhanced security of HID iCLASS 13.56 MHz smart card technology, optimized to make physical access control more powerful through encryption and mutual authentication. New from SARGENT Manufacturing of New Haven, Connecticut, the IP-enabled locks utilize power over Ethernet and Wi-Fi technology to communicate with an access control system, reducing costs and simplifying installation. They feature ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 hardware and are available in exit device, mortise, and cylindrical lock configurations. The IP-enabled solutions take advantage of existing network infrastructure to provide enhanced security and easier installations, while they ensure reliable communication, advanced management capabilities, and real-time alarm notification.

Risk Management
Booth #4204
BSI of Reston, Virginia, is a global management systems certification body and a provider of cutting-edge risk management solutions. It has led the way in the development of such international standards as ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 20000, and ISO/IEC 27001. BSI’s Business Continuity Management Standard, BS 25999, was recently adopted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as one of three BCM standards for the Voluntary Private Sector Preparedness Accreditation and Certification Program (PS-Prep). BSI’s Supply Chain Solutions Group was chosen by the U.S. government as a single-source provider of Web-based global supply chain risk assessment and data evaluation services. Its Entropy Software Solution helps companies improve accuracy and dependability of reporting, facilitating compliance to internal policies and international standards.

Outdoor Pushbutton
Booth #3059
Suited for use as a momentary release for electric locks on doors and gates, the 6170 Series Weatherproof Pushbutton from DynaLock Corporation of Bristol, Connecticut, is designed to withstand outdoor exposure to the elements and other harsh environments. The commercial-grade switch assembly is completely sealed against moisture and dust intrusion. The standard ¾-inch-diameter white, raised-dome pushbutton includes a green LED backlight, selectable for 12 or 24 VDC operation. Momentary-action, SPDT double-break contacts are standard on all models.

Outdoor Dome
AXIS Communications
Booth #3103
The AXIS Q6034-E PTZ Dome Network Camera from Axis Communications of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, is designed for demanding applications. The outdoor-ready pan-tilt-zoom dome provides HDTV coverage of large areas and robust, high-speed pan-tilt performance. The camera provides 18X optical and 12X digital zoom with autofocus. It can tilt 20 degrees above the horizon, enabling better views, especially over uneven terrain. The camera’s day/night functionality ensures high image quality even in low-light conditions. The camera is supported by the industry’s largest base of video management software through the Axis Application Development Partner program, as well as by AXIS Camera Station.

Access Software
Booth #509
Matrix Systems of Miamisburg, Ohio, offers a powerful, flexible, and feature-rich access control software solution designed to operate with HID VertX, Mercury Security, and Matrix Systems subsystem equipment. The Frontier Universe system’s open architecture, flexibility, and compatibility offer easy integration with any evolving third-party hardware platforms. It can easily integrate access control, time-and-attendance recording, alarm management, guard tour, visitor management, biometrics, credential production, video systems, and other security technologies. FrontierWeb Essentials is a low-cost, user-friendly Web-based access control system developed especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Both Universe and Web Essentials are backed by the company’s 31 years of experience in equipment design, manufacturing, installation, and customer support.

Finger Vein ID
L-1 Identity Solutions
Booth #1543
The 4G FingerVein Station from L-1 Identity Solutions of Stamford, Connecticut, is a full-featured device using industry leading finger-vein technology from Hitachi. The easy-to-use device is built on the L-1 4G multi-biometric platform and designed for use in challenging environments. Finger vein technology uses near-infrared light to gather biometric data resulting in consistent and accurate processing, making the solution ideal for many types of applications. This device unleashes a combination of power, usability, and design to address access control and time and attendance requirements of any size anywhere around the world.

Access Control
Booth #2133
PremiSys v2.0 from IDenticard of Lititz, Pennsylvania, has a flexible design that makes it suitable for organizations of all sizes and with varying levels of security requirements. Combining proprietary software with fully-integrated hardware manufactured by Mercury Security, it also includes custom ID badge-making capabilities using built-in photo ID software. The system is compatible with multiple reader technologies including biometric, proximity, smart card, magnetic stripe, and bar code. New features allow it to provide automatic software updates of client PCs, override time zones for a one-time event, prevent some doors from being used while certain others are open, and track software user actions when modifications are made within the system.

Portable Buildings
Booth #1625
Par-Kut International, Inc., of Harrison Township, Michigan, is a specialty manufacturer of portable steel security buildings for commercial and government clients. The company specializes in the design, fabrication, and finishing of built-to-order enclosures. Standard buildings provide environmental shelter in a professional looking structure and allow clients to provide perimeter protection and checkpoints for security officers and visitors. Bullet-resistant and blast-engineered solutions are also available. Other options include custom architectural treatments to blend or match surroundings, built-in restroom facilities for full-time operations, and elevated platforms or trailer-mounted units for special circumstances.

Perimeter Security
Concentric Security
Booth #1308
Concentric Security, LLC, of Sykesville, Maryland, specializes in turnkey projects for commercial interests and governments. Concentrating on perimeter security construction allows the company to excel in that area. The company provides a single point for planning, engineering, implementation, and program management of perimeter security solutions. Seasoned professionals forge strong relationships with product and service providers that share the vision of exceeding customer expectations. Solutions can include design/engineering services and extend through product supply, installation, and warranty. Projects include vehicle barriers, fencing, guard booths, and more.

Ground Surveillance
ICx Technologies
Booth #2323
ICx Technologies of Arlington, Virginia, has released an innovative mid-range ground surveillance radar that leverages the resolution and accuracy of its advanced frequency modulated continuous wave radar technology and the extended range and terrain adaptability of traditional Pulse-Doppler radars in a single, compact, and lightweight package. This new radar can be ruggedized for mobile or man-portable applications. Wide area provides advantages over more traditional linear detection sensors and systems, including an efficient, 24/7 persistent surveillance capability both within the perimeter and beyond the fence, all-weather performance, better situational awareness, and more time to assess and respond.

Hybrid Video Management
Exacq Technologies
Booth #3828
ExacqVision makes surveillance easy, convenient, and affordable. The ExacqVision Video Management System (VMS) software runs on factory-installed hybrid servers (Windows or Linux) that incorporate analog CCTV cameras along with the latest network (IP) cameras. It can also run on commercial off-the-shelf servers. Made by Exacq Technologies, Inc., of Fishers, Indiana, the hybrid solution helps users who have analog cameras and want to add IP cameras. Each hybrid server accommodates 4 to 64 analog cameras and up to 64 IP cameras. The freely distributed client software connects to multiple servers and is available for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh systems. Video from servers can also be accessed with major Web browsers and mobile devices with Internet access.

Card Printer
Booth #1009
The ZXP Series 8 printer from Zebra Technologies of Vernon Hills, Illinois, is a smart retransfer printer. It can produce access cards with high-quality images on both sides of the card and offers the most advanced technologies––from guilloche patterns and holographic foils to contactless entry chips and optical variable ink.

Centralized Access Control
Booth #3341
Centrally managed access control from Keyscan Access Control Systems of Whitby, Ontario, Canada, allows integrators and central stations to confidently offer access control as a Web-based service. It creates recurring monthly revenues for integrators and ensures total security for customers, while reducing entry costs. Reverse network connectivity makes installation easy and a highly trained IT staff unnecessary. Security is assured with AES Rijndael 256-bit, U.S. government-approved Top Secret encryption. Customers will save on computers, servers, and administrative costs. With a centrally managed system, all they need is access to the Internet.

Mass Notification
Code Blue
Booth #1240
Code Blue Corporation of Holland, Michigan, has developed the BLUE ALERT Mass Notification System, which combines state-of-the-art amplifiers, speaker arrays, and software control to quickly inform and direct people in emergency situations. The system is compliant with NFPA 72, 2010 Chapter 24, and allows flexibility in announcement delivery by providing text-to-speech, live broadcast, prerecorded messages, and warning tones options, as well as announcement repeat and scheduling features. Users can easily integrate existing IP-based systems with the robust application programming interface or use Code Blue’s analog products to unite non-IP-based systems. The turnkey mass notification system effectively broadcasts information to a targeted audience.

Security Monitoring
Booth #113
The Civil Command and Control (C2) Security Solution from Raytheon of Waltham, Massachusetts, provides an efficient and configurable approach to monitoring complex security challenges. It delivers a flexible, scalable security solution with a low total cost of ownership. It is based on open architecture and supports existing security operations while remaining adaptable to future requirements. Sensor correlation improves probability of detection while reducing false and nuisance alarms. Unique sensor-to-sensor tracking capabilities allow users to track events across different sensors and fields of view. The system can be adapted to support any concept of operations, including internal policies, organizational structures, and procedures. Its service-oriented architecture facilitates third-party software integration.

Fingerprint Readers
Booth #833
The MorphoAccess range of fingerprint readers from MorphoTrak of Alexandria, Virginia, provides a single solution for securely managing physical access control and time and attendance throughout a business. The MorphoAccess range is the culmination of more than 35 years’ experience in biometric technology. Designed to handle even the most damaged fingerprints and the toughest working environments, the devices range from outdoor IP65-rated readers to readers for individual rooms.

Detection Portal
American Science and Engineering
Booth #1833
American Science and Engineering, Inc. (AS&E), of Billerica, Massachusetts, offers a drive-through Sentry Portal system that uses a high-energy x-ray transmission source that allows for the high-throughput, rapid screening of cargo for security threats and contraband. This high-penetration system enables thorough inspection of even densely-loaded cargo containers at up to 12 inches (300 mm) of steel. The system features an advanced cargo-sensing subsystem that begins scanning only after the cab has passed to maintain a safe environment, and the extremely low scattered radiation dose means the system is safe for all drivers and operators. The system can be integrated with AS&E’s Z Portal System for enhanced detection of organic materials.

Delayed Egress
Booth #3525
The Electric Delayed Egress with Latch Retraction from Detex Corporation of New Braunfels, Texas, is designed for applications where both delayed egress and remote unlocking, remote dogging, access control, or an automatic door operator is desired. An optional EX Request to Exit Switch may be added for pushpad monitoring or an LBM Switch for latch bolt monitoring. The alarm in the remote interface module, which produces 100 decibels, will sound when someone attempts to exit. The alarm will continue to sound, but the door will remain locked for 15 seconds, deterring unauthorized exit and providing time for the responsible party to respond to the alarm.

Managed Access Control
Booth #1321
Kantech of Brossard, Quebec, Canada, offers a security solution designed to bridge the gap between a hosted and a fully managed solution. Kantech Managed Access Control solutions allow customers to remotely manage their access control systems from anywhere in the world via the Internet. No on-site PC or server is required, and there is no need for on-site software or specialized training. Fully featured, secure, flexible, and easy to install, the solution provides access control for a single door or a large enterprise. It offers low cost of ownership and real-time monitoring within an easy-to-use, Web-based interface.

IP Cameras
UTC Fire and Security
Booth #2803
UltraView IP cameras from UTC Fire and Security of Bradenton, Florida, provide high-quality surveillance images using powerful H.264-SVC compression. These IP cameras deliver true day/night performance and offer wide dynamic range and low-light options. They offer H.264 AVC/SVC compression for more efficient streaming and storage. Cameras can operate on 24 VAC and 12 VDC, as well as power over Ethernet. The lens corrects for infrared lighting to reduce focus shift between day and night operation.

Online Access Control
Booth #301
SARGENT Manufacturing of New Haven, Connecticut, has introduced the Profile Series v.N2 with Aperio technology that makes it easy and cost-effective to implement full online access control in openings that might otherwise go unprotected. Aperio uses a short-distance, open-standard, wireless communication protocol to connect an online electronic access control system to an Aperio-enabled lock, allowing users to leverage unused ports on an existing access control panel while saving the cost and inconvenience of bringing wiring through the door and door frame.

Incident Management
PPM 2000
Booth #1233
Perspective by PPM 2000 of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is a total solution for reporting incidents, managing investigations, and building cases. Users can query data for trending, risk mitigation, and performance metrics, enabling them to assess what’s happening and make informed decisions. A business intelligence dashboard and visualization tool for dynamic link analysis enhance information gathering. The highly customizable solution can be configured for a single department or implemented enterprisewide. Perspective provides incident data collection and analysis complete with integrations to the industry’s leading emergency preparedness, situation management, and access control solutions.

Trace Detector
Smiths Detection
Booth #2619
The Multi-Mode Threat Detector (MMTD) from Smiths Detection of Morristown, New Jersey, is a hand-held trace detector for explosives, narcotics, chemical warfare agents (CWAs), and toxic industrial chemicals (TICs). Trusted ion mobility spectrometry and proprietary scan sequencing optimize the detection of both conventional and homemade explosives. With a rugged outer shell designed for operation in extreme environmental conditions, the MMTD offers trace detection without compromising portability or functionality. It provides particle and vapor sampling and explosives and narcotics detection from a single sample. The unit has an intuitive interface and remote operation via wireless or Ethernet. A hot-swap battery powers the unit for five hours of uninterrupted operation.

Walk-through Detector
Booth #3557
The Metor 6M is a multipurpose, multizone, walk-through metal detector used primarily for weapons detection. Made by Rapiscan Systems of Hawthorne, California, it enables visitor screening at government buildings, stadiums, and factories; loss prevention in industrial applications; and screening in hotels, restaurants, casinos, and night clubs. The detector features independent zones for superior discrimination, reliable detection of threat items, high traffic throughput, optimum immunity to environmental interference, and reliable location of threats. Installation and operation are easy, and intelligent traffic counters ensure reliable statistics.

Power Transfer
Booth #301
Securitron Magnalock Corporation of Sparks, Nevada, offers new Concealed Electrical Power Transfer (CEPT) that effectively routes low-voltage wires between a door’s electrified hardware and its frame. The CEPT is designed to be mortised into the edges of the door and frame, generally above the second hinge, and it is suitable for new construction as well as replacement. The CEPT has no exposed openings, so it protects internal wires from vandals and wear. Each unit is made from polished stainless steel and four architectural finishes are available.

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