Sessions Explore ASIS Standards

By The Editors
Tuesday, October 12 - 6:09pm

Several sessions will provide attendees with the latest on ASIS standards and guidelines and how they are being applied. From preparing for the World Cup to advancing homeland security, the ASIS standards and guidelines are helping enhance security worldwide.

Yesterday, Gert Cruywagen, director of risk for Tsogo Sun Group, discussed how his group used the ASIS/ANSI Organizational Resilience Standard to prepare for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. In “ASIS Standards: Preparing for the World’s Largest Sporting Event,” Cruywagen told attendees how his organization implemented the standard and how it gave him a cost-effective, combined approach to security and continuity management.

Marc Siegel, commissioner of the ASIS Global Standards Initiative, also held a session yesterday on “ASIS Standards: Protecting Your Assets—How Mature Are You?” In the session, Siegel explained how the ASIS Standards and Guidelines Commission combined security, emergency preparedness, and continuity management cost effectively into the ASIS/ANSI Organizational Resilience Standard. Siegel then told attendees how they can use the standard to ensure that their companies are better prepared for disruptions.

At 1:45 p.m. today, John Turey, CPP, director of security for ITT, will lead a panel of experts in a discussion of the upcoming ASIS/ANSI Business Continuity Management Standard. The presenters will offer a comprehensive business management approach in a practical and easy-to-understand manner.

At 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, Lisa DuBrock, managing partner of Radian Compliance, LLC, will lead a session on “ASIS Standards: Department of Homeland Security Private Sector Preparedness Law—Do You Really Have a Choice?” DuBrock, along with a panel of experts, will discuss the new Private Sector Preparedness program and whether there is a business case for participating in the program. At 1:45 p.m. tomorrow, Tracy D. Hannah and Marcus Pollock, both of the Department of Homeland Security, will be on hand to discuss the Private Sector Preparedness program from a government perspective.



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