Sessions Packed with Perks

Monday, September 19 - 7:15am

With the stunning array of educational programs scheduled this week, the security concerns on the top of every attendee’s list will be reviewed, challenged, and dissected. From Monday through Thursday, attendees at the ASIS International 57th Annual Seminar and Exhibits will be immersed in the issues and tactics that define today’s consummate security professional.

More than 200 sessions are scheduled this week. To help prioritize the sessions that are right for you, topics that target specific interests have been grouped into 16 tracks. Plus, ASIS has partnered with the (ISC)2 Security Congress, which has added another 35 sessions in five tracks of interest to IT security managers (see page 16 of the ASIS Show Daily).

A track for Systems Integrators, introduced here in Orlando, explores the unique risks and management challenges of special concern to these specialists (page 3). The sessions in this track will all be held in Room W307C.

Also, security professionals involved in meeting homeland security objectives can explore the risks faced by this diverse sector in a track of 30 sessions (page 37).

A track of another 45 sessions has been designed to explore the unique issues of concern to Young Security Professionals (page 12). Speakers will focus on developing occupational goals and expertise.

To aid the exchange among international members, one session in each of the three session time slots on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will be translated professionally into Spanish. All of these sessions will be held in rooms W3215A and B.

The CSO Roundtable has also scheduled a series of sessions on an array of topics of special concern to its members: senior security professionals from large and influential organizations worldwide (page 37). CSO Roundtable sessions will be held in room A414B on Level Four of the Orange County Convention Center.

You can zero in on the sessions that pertain to your specific interests and concerns in a number of ways. First, all sessions are outlined in the Final Program found in the registration packet. A grid at the beginning of each day’s session descriptions lists the titles under three time slots, 16 ASIS tracks, and five (ISC)2 tracks. You’ll note that many sessions fall under multiple tracks, underscoring the overlapping nature of security operations.

A second way to personalize your session schedule is through the ASIS App which can be downloaded to your PDA. If you did not download this app before you came to Orlando, signs around the convention center will give the appropriate codes to access it. A feature of this app is the exhibit hall map that can get you to an exact booth location via GPS.

A third method is through the Show Planner on the ASIS International Web site, You can search the planner at kiosks outside the exhibit hall. To find the planner, access the ASIS home page then click on the yellow seminar and exhibits logo. The Show Planner tab will appear on the next screen. While you can look for exhibitors in a number of ways, you can also search for sessions by keyword, date, or track.

A convenient way to assess the content of a session is to note how the speakers rated its knowledge level when submitting their topic outline. The level is designated by a green circle (fundamental), orange box (intermediate), or red triangle (advanced). These designations have more to do with the need to know specialized terminology than they do with the complexity of the subject matter covered.

Many sessions are sponsored by an ASIS council, and that information is included in the session description. In addition, the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) is sponsoring two sessions on Wednesday (see page 8). In those cases, council or AH&LA members have been instrumental in choosing a level, designing the content, and recruiting speakers.

No matter how you choose your daily agenda, be sure to consult the ASIS Show Daily each morning for room or speaker changes.



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