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- Changes to the way the Federal Trade Commission implements and enforces the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act are under consideration by the agency.

Medical Marijuana

- An employee who was fired for using medical marijuana may not sue his employer, according to a federal appeals court. The court ruled that the state law in Michigan, which allows the use of medical marijuana, does not protect the employee from disciplinary action.

Fusion Centers

- State-based intelligence fusion centers, partially financed by the federal government, have largely been a failure, according to a congressional subcommittee investigation.

Data Breach

- An appeals court ruled that healthcare customers who suffered identity theft may sue the company after laptops containing customer data were stolen. The company argued that the customers had no standing.

Food Safety

- Recommendations for ensuring food safety are put forth by the Government Accountability Office.

Computer Crime

- An employee who downloaded confidential documents before going to a competitor did not violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. The law, ruled the court, applies to those who access data without authorization.


- Transparency International U.K. assesses the transparency of the anticorruption programs implemented by defense companies.


- Issuing blanket instruction to employees mandating that they should not discuss an investigation with their coworkers violates federal labor law. Find out why.


- The rates of cybercrime attacks on U.S. companies have risen since 2010, according to a study conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by HP. Read the study here.

Disaster Preparedness

- Examining the response to the April 2011 southwest tornado event, the United States Fire Administration benchmarks what best practices fire departments and emergency medical services should have in place when disaster strikes.

Countering IEDs

- Discover how the Department of Defense’s Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization is working to improve its counter-IED capabilities.


- In a lawsuit filed in Illinois, plaintiffs allege that an entrance exam required by the Chicago Fire Department discriminates against women and minorities. Read the charges here.

Facial Recognition

- The Federal Trade Commission has released a report on facial recognition technology. The report, Facing Facts: Best Practices for Common Uses of Facial Recognition Technologies, is designed to help companies use innovative products without violating employee or consumer privacy.

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