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Security Metrics

- See an example of how a security department can come up with reliable and consistent metrics for security. The first step was to develop categories into which incidents could be recorded.


- An appeals court has ruled that an employee does not need to be aware of healthcare privacy laws to be guilty of violating them. The court determined that plaintiffs only needed to know that they obtained the identifiable health information of other people to be guilty of violating HIPAA.  


- An employee of the University of Kentucky was wrongfully fired for keeping a firearm in his car on school property, according to the state’s high court. The court ruled that the state’s concealed carry law prohibited the university from firing the employee.

Disaster Preparedness

- A European project aims to model the best responses to disasters. Part of the project is a tool to help first responders and private industry make the best choices in a crisis.

Terrorism Reporting

- A survey reveals that a large percentage of the public does not understand what constitutes suspicious activity in the context of terrorism. Read more about this and other problems with suspicious activity reporting.

Social Media

- A bill (S.B. 1349) currently pending in the California Senate would prohibit employers and educational institutions from requiring or requesting that employees or students give to those authorities the passwords to their social media sites or provide access to their accounts.

Economic Espionage

- A recent court ruling found that a former Goldman Sachs employee who stole code for a proprietary internal trading system did not violate the Economic Espionage Act because the code was for an internal system.

Data Security

- A new study finds that older computer users tend to choose stronger passwords than younger users.

Infrastructure Protection

- Industries such as energy and utilities, which make up America’s critical infrastructure, may be weaker than other industries when it comes to managing risk and guarding against cyberattacks, according to this report.

Medical Marijuana

- A federal appeals court has ruled that the ADA does not protect individuals against discrimination for the use of medical marijuana. Even though medical marijuana is legal in California, it is not granted legal status under federal law and is, therefore, not covered under the ADA.

Rail Safety

- Learn about rail industry programs to facilitate reporting of safety and security problems at the Citizens for Rail Security and Protect the Line Web sites.

Domestic Terrorism

- Find out what parts of the United States are more prone to terrorist violence than others over the last 30 years, according to a DHS-sponsored report.


- An employee with a condition causing unpredictable heart spasms may not pursue his claim of discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). A federal appeals court ruled that the employee’s health condition posed a direct threat to safety because the job required him to operate heavy machinery.

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