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Crime Solvers

- Progress in solving crimes and improving law enforcement is looked at this NIJ report.


- Learn about the different methods of obtaining confessions in this article.

EEOC Guidance

- The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has issued guidelines for employers on dealing with cancer as a disability.

First - Responder Tool

- Find out how video game technology is helping first responders deal with hazardous materials.


- A court has ruled that a manufacturing plant did not discriminate against a potential employee when it declined to hire him.

Security Negligence

- A California appeals court has ruled that the client of a security guard firm is not liable for injuries substained by a security guard.

Iris Scanning

- The FBI, NIST, and DHS are working to assess iris scanning technology.

Technology Analysis

- NIST has published several reports on computer and network analysis, mobile devices and IT products.

Data Mining

- This GAO Report looks at how federal agencies are data mining personal consumer information.

Africa's Report Card

- Governance in Africa is terrible, but it’s improving slowly. Even small improvements can drive investment and create jobs, according to a World Bank study.

Lab Safety

- Biological safety guidelines for laboratories dealing with the world’s most dangerous toxins are available from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Passports and Visas

- Passport and visa security are highlighted in a July report on border security by the government’s watchdog. Recommendations address taking better advantage of security features in the future.

Medical-Record Privacy

- An employer acted improperly, ruled a federal appeals court, when it fired a woman for refusing to sign a medical release form about her mental health.

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