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Malware Rising

- A new report forecasts that there will be strong growth in the anti-malware business over the next several years. A main driver is the increasing organization and skill of cybercriminals.

Harmful Horseplay

- An employee may pursue a negligence claim against his coworker after an incident of horseplay left him physically and psychologically injured, ruled the Delaware Supreme Court.

Password Encryption

- Check out a free new Windows utility that lets users securely encrypt all their passwords on their computer.


- A single comment about a worker’s accent is enough to allow the worker to proceed with a discrimination claim, ruled a federal appeals court.

Malicious E-Mail

- There’s been a sharp decrease in the amount of malicious e-mails sent in the first half of 2007, says a top security vendor. Likely reasons include better network defenses and a growing caution among employees about opening suspicious attachments.

Religious Discrimination

- An employee who was fired for refusing to attend spiritual and meditation sessions fashioned after Buddhist and Hindu belief systems may pursue his religious discrimination lawsuit against his company, ruled a federal appeals court.

Information Sharing

- Most of the country’s state and regional intelligence fusion centers don’t engage the private sector in their information collection and sharing efforts, says a report to Congress.

World Trade Center

- NIST's final report on the collapse of the World Trade Center has been released.

Crime Victimization

- Bureau of Justice Statistics reports on crime victimization in 2004. Read the report online.

High and Dry

- ARMA International's Web site lists resources that will help businesses protect and recover their critical business records in case of floods.

Resource for the Road

- "Guide for Emergency Transportation Operations" addresses issues related to highway infrastructure.

Scene of the Crime

- A new National Institute of Justice report helps police in identifying high crime areas.

Rail Security

- The Teamsters Rail Conference calls for a security plan to be approved and enforced by the TSA, GAO also has a report on passenger rail security.

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