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Confidentiality Agreements

- The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has ruled that a company’s confidentiality agreements violated federal labor laws because they prohibited employees from discussing their wages and conditions of employment with one another.


- A Washington appeals court has ruled that Steven White can proceed with his invasion of privacy lawsuit against his employer, a municipality. White, who was a town marshal, claims that when his boss revealed to a local newspaper that White suffered from epilepsy, the town illegally disclosed his private information. The town argues that since White suffered a seizure in public, the information was no longer private.

Premises liability

- A California appeals court has ruled that the owners of a bar had a duty to intervene in an attack on a patron. In the case, the court ruled that bouncers at a bar who anticipated an assault did not attempt to keep the parties separated, resulting in the injury of a patron and liability for the bar.

Academic Consortium

- National Academic Consortium for Homeland Security formed to help improve U.S. and worldwide security.


- Privacy issues that arise when companies outsource services involving clients’ personal health information are examined in this GAO report.

Mail Security

- The GAO gives recommendations to the Defense Department on how to improve the response to an attack on mail facilities.

Terrorism Insurance

- Measuring and predicting losses that might occur from unconventional weapons is rife with difficulties, as this GAO report discusses.

Food-Borne Illness

- A wide range of intentional and accidental threats must be countered to protect the U.S. food supply; learn more from this Institute of Medicine of the National Academies report.

Bully Battle

- The International Association of Chiefs of Police has an antibullying program that can reduce the teasing that can lead to violence.

Unbiased Investigations

- An FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin piece discusses various cognitive biases that lead investigators astray, and offers strategies to combat them.

Identity Theft

- Find out how the Energy Department is preparing to prevent and respond to nuclear attacks in the United States.

Outbound Data

- Iowa State University conducted a survey and found that only 30 percent of companies monitor the content of outbound e-mails. See further findings online.

Security Controls

- Computer security in government needs help, and NIST has stepped up to the plate with Recommended Security Controls for Federal Information Systems.

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