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Laptop Theft

- Read these security recommendations, including a lobby security checklist for office buildings, to prevent laptop thefts.

Pandemic Web Site

- The University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy has developed a Web site to provide information on state pandemic plans.

Intellectual Property

- Efforts to reduce piracy and counterfeiting of goods are reviewed in this GAO report.

Hurricane Defenses

- Find out how buildings could be strengthened against hurricanes in a NIST report that recommends enforcing strict building standards for hurricane-prone regions.

New Frontier

- You may think Star Wars is fiction. In fact, the need to secure the final frontier is already an issue today.

Information Sharing

- A report offers recommendations on how government agencies can better share sensitive information.

Quick Bytes: Federal Privacy

- Read about the Consumer Privacy Legislative Forum, which was formed by major corporations to support consumer privacy legislation.

Who Owns the Net?

- The Business Roundtable recommends that the private sector take responsibility for fixing weaknesses in key Internet assets.

Homeland Security

- An interview with Tim Manning, director, New Mexico Office of Homeland Security.


- The federal government has ordered a Tulsa business to pay $1.24 million to 52 employees for violating laws against discrimination.

Electronic Discovery

- The U.S. Supreme Court has adopted new rules of civil procedure for courts to follow for electronic discovery.

Whistleblower Protection

- The Texas Supreme Court has ruled that an employee cannot sue his employer for wrongful termination under a state whistleblower statute because he was not asked to commit a crime.


- In a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, the Court addressed how harmful an adverse action by an employer must be to render the employer liable for retaliation against an employee.

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