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- The director of the New York Office of Homeland Security shares his thoughts on terrorism with Security Management. The complete interview is available online.

Homeland Security

- Check out the research on homeland security topics by the DHS-sponsored Centers of Excellence.


- A Temple University professor sifts through the data and looks at the pros and cons of using CCTV.

Maritime Protection

- A report released by the Department of Justice criticizes the FBI’s efforts to protect the nation’s ports and recommends written threat assessments.

Antiterror Advice

- The British intelligence and security agency MI5 has created a security guide for businesses.

Court Security

- Read proposed guidelines for improving the safety and security of America’s courts, along with expert commentary on those guidelines.

Passenger Rail

- A GAO report recommends learning lessons from rail security practices implemented in Europe.


- Suggestions for improving the US-VISIT program, such as better assessment of security risks, are offered in this report.

Chemical Security

- The Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Act of 2005 calls for security to be increased to protect against terrorist attacks at chemical facilities.


- An employee may not claim harassment against her employer, because the company took action to respond to her complaints, rules the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

False Arrests

- An appeals court rules that an airline employee subjected to a mock arrest as a workplace prank may not sue the airline.

IT Security

- A new report from the IT Governance Institute finds that IT security should be handled at the top level.

Computer Vulnerabilities

- Connecting an unsecured computer to the Internet could be disastrous, according to a study by network-security provider StillSecure.

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