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Party Riots

- This report released by COPS provides a framework for understanding student gatherings, specifically the problem of student party riots.

Employee Monitoring

- An appellate court has ruled that singling out an employee and monitoring his work is not harassment unless the monitoring results in an adverse employment action.

Intellectual Property

- A federal appeals court has ruled that an employee violated federal law when he destroyed information on his employer’s laptop.

Airport Screening

- Why aren’t more airports opting out of using federal screeners? Read about the issue in a report from the Government Accountability Office.

Counterfeit Drugs

- The FDA has announced new steps to strengthen existing protections against the growing problem of counterfeit drugs.

EEOC Guidelines

- New EEOC guidelines clarify how rules against discrimination in employment on the bases of race and color apply to everyday situations.

Nasty Weather

- Looking for a way to get a heads-up on dangerous weather conditions? Check out the Smart Notification Weather Service for businesses.

Identity Theft

- For a list of educational resources that can help deter identity theft, follow this link to the FTC Web site.


- Specific measures aimed at preventing data breaches are delineated in this GAO report.

Software Threats

- The annual Web@Work survey finds that employees launch hacking tool software on their network when clicking on nefarious links.

IT Guide

- A comprehensive guide from NIST tells how to set up an information security program.

State Perspective – California

- Read the entire interview of Matthew R. Bettenhausen, director, California Office of Homeland Security.

Catastrophic Event

- Banks faced unique challenges during Hurricane Katrina. This report highlights the lessons they learned.

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