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EEOC Guidelines

- New EEOC guidelines clarify how rules against discrimination in employment on the bases of race and color apply to everyday situations.

Nasty Weather

- Looking for a way to get a heads-up on dangerous weather conditions? Check out the Smart Notification Weather Service for businesses.

Identity Theft

- For a list of educational resources that can help deter identity theft, follow this link to the FTC Web site.


- Specific measures aimed at preventing data breaches are delineated in this GAO report.

Software Threats

- The annual Web@Work survey finds that employees launch hacking tool software on their network when clicking on nefarious links.

IT Guide

- A comprehensive guide from NIST tells how to set up an information security program.

State Perspective – California

- Read the entire interview of Matthew R. Bettenhausen, director, California Office of Homeland Security.

Catastrophic Event

- Banks faced unique challenges during Hurricane Katrina. This report highlights the lessons they learned.


- A bill (formerly H.R. 32) that would prohibit trafficking in labels or similar packaging, with knowledge that a counterfeit mark has been applied to them, has been signed into law (P.L. 109-181). Under the new law, the definition of “counterfeit mark” includes any mark on a label or packaging that is substantially indistinguishable from a trademarked design, and that is likely to mislead consumers. Any article that bears a counterfeit mark will be subject to forfeiture.

Focus on CCTV’s Value

- Jerry H. Ratcliffe, an associate professor of criminal justice at Temple University, has sifted through dozens of studies on the effectiveness of CCTV in an effort to get an answer. His findings are presented in an article that is another in a series that comprises the Department of Justice's problem-oriented guides for police.

Did You Know That?

- Use of synthetic drugs—such as methamphetamine, prescription medications, and Ecstasy—has become such a concern that the White House has released a specific national strategy to control synthetic drugs. It represents the first time that a national drug control strategy has focused on a single class of drugs. A tailored approach to these substances was necessary, according to the Synthetic Drug Control Strategy: A Focus on Methamphetamine and Prescription Drug Abuse, because these drugs or their ingredients are designed for legal use and due to “extreme health and environmental problems associated with the production of drugs such as methamphetamine and the indisputably destructive nature of methamphetamine use itself.” @ The strategy is on SM Online.

Cybersecurity Checklist

- The United States Cyber Consequences Unit released a checklist to help business managers assess their companies’ cybersecurity.

Court Security

- A paper summarizes new court security guidelines proposed at a symposium held by the National Center for State Courts.

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