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Quick Bytes: ID theft basics.

- Here are some recommended basic steps to better protect yourself from identity theft.(The first, from the U.K. telecom company BT, explains how criminals steal identities, what ISPs and other organizations are doing to help consumers, and what the future holds. The second, from the Liberty Alliance Project, shows how stolen identities are converted into money.)

Security’s Value

- Find out how many companies are already using metrics to show security’s value, by reading this Frost and Sullivan survey


- A federal appeals court has ruled that, under the ADA, an employee need only request accommodation to trigger an employer’s obligation to provide appropriate accommodation.


- A California court has ruled that a contract security guard company can be held liable for failing to fulfill its contract.

Malicious Prosecution

- The Texas Supreme Court has ruled that a grocery store cannot be held liable for malicious prosecution of a patron because the employees who accused the patron of theft were acting honestly.


- The director of the New York Office of Homeland Security shares his thoughts on terrorism with Security Management. The complete interview is available online.

Homeland Security

- Check out the research on homeland security topics by the DHS-sponsored Centers of Excellence.


- A Temple University professor sifts through the data and looks at the pros and cons of using CCTV.

Maritime Protection

- A report released by the Department of Justice criticizes the FBI’s efforts to protect the nation’s ports and recommends written threat assessments.

Antiterror Advice

- The British intelligence and security agency MI5 has created a security guide for businesses.

Court Security

- Read proposed guidelines for improving the safety and security of America’s courts, along with expert commentary on those guidelines.

Passenger Rail

- A GAO report recommends learning lessons from rail security practices implemented in Europe.


- Suggestions for improving the US-VISIT program, such as better assessment of security risks, are offered in this report.

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